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Doctor Decay

Doctor Decay from the comic series

Doctor Decay is a villain from the Care Bears Comic series who appeared in the issue sixteen story The Uncouth Tooth Fairy.


He is a decrepit old man in ragged clothing.


He is the eternal enemy of tooth fairies everywhere, and seeks to rot the teeth out of everyone's heads so they will be as miserable as he is.

Comic series[]

When a rash of children with bad teeth flood dentists' offices everywhere, Funshine Bear and Bedtime Bear go down to investigate, and find that instead of money, the kids are getting "terrible taffy" under their pillows. Going to Grams Bear for advice, she immediately contacts her old college sorority sister, a tooth fairy named Gracie to find out what's going on. Gracie tells her that they have a missing tooth fairy they believe has gone rogue named Fairy Boatride, though he hasn't been seen in some time. Setting a trap by putting one of Baby Tugs' teeth under a pillow, they catch the fairy in the act, but learn that he is under the control of Doctor Decay, enemy of all tooth fairies.

Making their way to Decay's stronghold of Castle Cavity, Funshine, Bedtime, and Good Luck Bear confront the evil doctor, who they learn is transforming all the children's teeth into tiny living tooth creatures called Molites that he plans to use to help spread decay across the world. Using over-sized teeth cleaning instruments like brushes and floss, the bears defeat his Molites and corner the villain, who tells them that he's only evil because he never grew a "sweet tooth" as a child. Fairy Boatride tells him he'll give him a spare if he'll mend his ways, to which the doctor agrees. The Uncouth Tooth Fairy

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