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Dr. Fright is a villain whose only appearance was in the Care Bears Family series episode "Bravest of the Brave".


He is a green-skinned man with pointed ears and fangs who resembles a stereotypical vampire, wearing a black suit with a cape and mantle.


His goal was to use his carnival as a way to scare children, which would lure the Care Bears into his haunted house. After which, he would destroy them in his "Room of Doom", thus gaining No Heart's favor, and they would rule the world together. However, it is clear he is also doing it to avoid facing No Heart's wrath, and seems very afraid.

Original series[]

Care Bears Family TV series[]

The doctor's first and only appearance was in the 8th episode of Nelvana's Care Bears Family television series, where he used a traveling carnival to bring children into his haunted house to scare them, (as he says, that he feasts of the fear of others) he thus attracting the attention of the Care Bears. When Brave Heart Lion, Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, Cheer Bear, and Swift Heart Rabbit are alerted to a problem at the park by the Caring Meter, they travel to Earth to investigate, and are subsequently captured one by one by Fright's traps. It turns out that Dr. Fright is in league with No Heart, and hopes to destroy his fuzzy foes as an offering to join him in taking over the world.

Brave Heart must team up with a boy named Adam, who is determined to prove he isn't afraid, and venture into the spooky mansion to save their friends. However, it turns out Brave Heart is the scaredy-cat this time, having a fear of the dark. Even, if he pretends not to be afraid in the beginning. After making it past Fright's trap-laden home, the two manage to make their way into the control room and stop him from sending the rest of the bears down a deep pit. Displeased at the doctor's failure, No Heart abandons his plans to team up with him, transforms into a bat, and carries him away, promising to show him "what fear means".


  • Dr. Fright's appearance resembles the traditional portrayal of Dracula, as made famous by Hungarian actor Bela Lugosi from the titular 1931 film.
  • His line "Good eeeevening" is a take on the catchphrase of Alfred Hitchcock, spoken during the intro of his 1955-1965 television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents, the episodes of which often dealt with thrillers or suspense stories.

In other languages:[]

German: Dr. Angst ("Doctor Fear")

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