Drab City is the 18th episode of the DiC Care Bears series. This episode marks the debut of Jill.


When the Care Bears and Care Cousins are blown across the sky in a hot-air balloon, they end up in a place known as Drab City, where everything is grey and no one loves, hates, or cares about anything. A lone girl named Jill, who recently moved there, seems to be the only person not affected by this strange condition, though she is beginning to feel the effects.

Leading the bears to the outskirts of the city, they find an odd crystal meteorite that is emitting the grey light responsible for everyone's extreme apathy. Although she and the Care Bears all become paralyzed with indifference before they can do anything about it, a second group of bears and cousins arrive and restore everyone to normal with a Care Bear Stare before pushing the offending object down a bottomless pit, restoring the entire city to normal.


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