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Drizzly Bear

Drizzly Bear from the comic series

Drizzly Bear is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the issue ten story The Creepy Unsleepy Mystery. He is a large, feral brown bear with the ability to summon storm clouds, and is the personal servant of the Night Mayor.

Comic series[]

When a wave of insomnia affects the citizens of a town called Pleasant Valley, Cheer Bear, Grumpy Bear, Funshine Bear, and Bedtime Bear go to investigate while trying to help two children named Barbara and Gary fall asleep. When Bedtime discovers that there is no sand on their faces, he surmises that something must have happened to the Sandman, and the crew heads to his home. Finding the Sandman knocked out by his own sand, they soon learn that he has been robbed and quickly travel to the office of the Night Mayor, Pleasant Valley's night shift leader. Not only does he reveal that he was the one behind the pilfering, but he sics his pet Drizzly Bear on them, who promptly summons a rain cloud to wash them away.

After regrouping at Care-a-Lot, the team returns with Wish Bear and Good Luck Bear who help them build a large umbrella to protect them from the storm while also redirecting the rain back at the bear and his master. While incapacitated, the Sandman manages to knock them both out with his re-acquired sand. The Creepy Unsleepy Mystery

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