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Everyone Has Feelings is a song composed by Robert Chimbel and Merry Loomis. It is also the third track on The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings: Original Soundtrack.


Everyone has feelings!

I bet you have feelings too!

(I don't!)

Just look around, they're not hard to find!

They're sitting there right inside you!

(Go away!)

Everyone has feelings!

It's okay to laugh and cry!

(But why?)

Just open your heart and see what's there!

It's easy to let your feelings fly!

I'm not supposed to have feelings, go away!

What? I'm starting to cry...

All you have to do is show you care!

And everywhere!

Will be alive - with feelings!

(Why look I'm starting to bloom!)

(I can feel again!)

Everyone has feelings!

We know you have feelings too!

(I do!)

Who would've thought I'd feel so great!

This is a time to celebrate!

Everyone come along!

And let your feelings through!



Land Without Feelings Song 3 - Everyone Has Feelings