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The Forest of Feelings is located within the Kingdom of Caring. It is the home of the Care Bear Cousins. The Forest of Feelings is to them what Care-a-Lot is to the Care Bears.

The Care Bear Cousins have mostly resided here, with some exceptions such as in Home Sweet Homeless when No Heart and Beastly  flooded the forest so the following overcrowding would make the Care Bears and their cousins too concerned to care about the world.

Its most recent, altered appearance is in the 2012 reboot, where it looks much more like a regular Earth forest. Share Bear resides here in a treehouse, and creatures such as sparkle sparrows and raccoons can be found here.



CB Movie 1 Song 3 - Home Is In Your Heart

It is a colorful forest covered in hearts in various areas. Many of the plants are unrealistically colored, and shaped like hearts. Depictions of the ground vary, as sometimes it is depicted with grass, while other times it is depicted having a cloud ground like Care-a-Lot.