Frostbite is the mopey dopey bumbling sidekick of Professor Cold Heart. He enjoys being mean as much as his boss.

His first appearance was in The Care Bears and the Freeze Machine and also appears in DiC's Care Bears episodes.


  • He was put into a Care Bear Cousin disguise to lure some of the Cousins into a banquet trap by Coldheart. He called himself "Cheating Heart Weasel" in said disguise. Daydreams
  • Whereas the Care Bears stop his wicked plots usually, Frostbite is actually the one who messes up one of Coldheart's plans. In this case, to cover the whole world in concrete, after trying to draw his boss' attention to a 7-40-7 airplane, distracting him in the process and resulting in their own plane to fall. Concrete Rain
  • He is the nephew of Auntie Freeze. Wedding Bells
  • The second voice actor of Frostbite, Will Ryan (despite being uncredited in the DiC series), also played Grubby the Octopede in another one of DiC's productions, The Adventures of Teddy Ruxpin.
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