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Frostbite is the dopey bumbling sidekick of Professor Coldheart and the nephew of Auntie Freeze. He enjoys being mean almost as much as his boss.

His first appearance was in The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine special, and he later returned in DiC Care Bears series and the 200 issue weekly comic in the UK that spawned several annuals.


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Frostbite in 'The Care Bears Battle The Freeze Machine'

He appears to be a short, childlike man wearing general winter clothing, such as a light blue coat, dark blue mittens, belt, and hat, red earmuffs and a scarf, and also grey pants with grey shoes to match. Just like with Professor Coldheart, in the DIC series, his pallet and structure is softer. His face, nose, and eyes are less rough, some colours being brightened, and his general appearance being more rounded and chubby.

Frostbite in comic

Frostbite in the comics

In the much later UK produced comics, Frostbite's pallet is purple instead of blue and red, with his attire donning purple colours that sometimes change slightly depending on the comic, with his belt and buckle also usually having some form of contrasting colour.


Frostbite isn't the brightest star in the sky, he speaks in a slow, dopey manner, and most of the time isn't even a threat towards the Care Bears and Coldheart's other targets. Professor Coldheart treats Frostbite poorly, constantly yelling at him when he either messes up, has a terrible idea, or says something that he wasn't supposed to.

In the DiC series, he's noticeably more dopey and not as much of a threat as he was in the Freeze Machine special, as in said special he was allowed by Professor Coldheart to freeze Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs in star-shaped ice blocks and do as he pleased with them whilst Coldheart was busy, which could be considered far more cruel. But in the DiC series he's more light hearted, saying and doing certain things that wouldn't be necessarily considered 'evil' by many people.


  • He was put into a Care Bear Cousin disguise to lure some of the Cousins into a banquet trap by Coldheart. He called himself "Cheating Heart Weasel" in said disguise. Daydreams
  • In The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine, Frostbite was seen to have ice powers similar to Professor Coldheart for a brief moment, but this never returned in the DIC series.
  • Whereas the Care Bears stop his wicked plots usually, Frostbite is actually the one who messes up one of Coldheart's plans. In this case, to cover the whole world in concrete, after trying to draw his boss' attention to a 7-40-7 airplane, distracting him in the process and resulting in their own plane to fall. Concrete Rain
  • He is the nephew of Auntie Freeze. Wedding Bells
  • In issue 74 of the weekly UK Care Bears comic, Frostbite says that he's had enough of Coldheart's bullying and decides to join the Care Bears themselves, until the bears realise that he's not fit for the job and get rid of him by saying that they'll all have to help tidy up a child's messy room, even if it takes all night, to which Frostbite flees and states he'd rather work for Coldheart than be a Care Bear.
  • In one comic, Frostbite answers questions on the QNA page about Coldheart due to him being absent for unknown reasons. Frostbite reveals that he has a deep bond with the Professor, stating that he's not always evil and that he bought him a treat when he was in a good mood. A few issues later, Coldheart is visibly upset that Frostbite revealed this about him.


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