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The Gamester from the comic series

The Gamester is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appears in the issue nineteen story Fun & Games Land. He is a short, somewhat portly man with white hair and rosy cheerks who wears a vest suit and top hat. As the proprietor of his own amusement park, the Gamester just loves to have fun, but his incredibly competitive nature means that once you check in, you may not be able to check out. Unless you can beat him in a game, of course.

Comic series[]

When the Care Bears investigate a cry for help on Earth, Tenderheart Bear, Cheer Bear, and Grumpy Bear rush to the rescue, but are surprise to find that it originated from the amusement park "Fun & Games Land". Deciding to go inside, the trio find a veritable paradise of games, toys, and candy, but something seems amiss. Upon meeting the park's owner, the fun-loving Gamester, he reveals that anyone can enter his park, but leaving requires that they beat him in a game - and he never loses. After challenging him to several challenges ranging from tic-tac-toe to a giant pinball machine, the bears find themselves no closer to leaving than when they started, along with all the other children trapped inside.

Eventually, Tenderheart gets an idea on how to potentially free everyone at once. Challenging the Gamester to a park-wide game of hide-and-go-seek, he makes the pesky park owner "it" and tells everyone to hide. When the Gamester can't find a single person, he begins to get upset and cries, saying he doesn't want to be alone. He reveals that the only reason he even built the park was because no one would play with him, and just didn't want to be lonely any more. The Bears tell him that if allows everyone to leave whenever they want, they'll keep coming back if his park is fun enough, and he agrees to do just that. Fun & Games Land

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