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The Gloomies from the comic series

The Gloomies are a group of villains from the Care Bears Comic book series who appear in the issue 3 story Blue Who? A race of aliens who appear to be red bipedal crawdads wearing blue uniforms, they are in fact just robotic suits that house much smaller, round beings who resembles balls with arms and legs. Their variety of different colored beams are able to change the emotions of anyone they hit.

Comic series[]

When Swift Heart Rabbit frantically alerts the Care Bears that the Forest of Feelings has mysteriously turned blue, Cheer Bear and Grumpy Bear go to investigate, and find a much more sullen group of Care Bear Cousins who seem to have lost their spunk. When Funshine Bear arrives to help, she is captured by a strange creature who takes her as a prisoner to their flying saucer. Attempting to use their Obey Beam to interrogate her, they find it to be totally ineffective since she "always tells the truth - otherwise you can't have much fun!".

After stealing one of their suits, Funshine crashes through the ship's control panel all the way out of the hull, disabling their beam and returning the forest to normal. The Gloomies travel down below to attempt to "conquer" their prey, but are pelted by Cloud Pineapples from Playful Heart Monkey for their trouble. Attempting to use their red forgetfulness beam on Lotsa Heart Elephant, they find it once again has no effect since he is already forgetful to begin with. When Grumpy and Cheer run them down with their Cloudmobile, their beams malfunction and cover them all in random colors. Disoriented, Grumpy Bear simply tells them to go home and they obey his orders, never to be seen again. Blue Who?


  • According to one of the Gloomies, their species has conquered half of the known universe, but are never seen or mentioned since their appearance in issue 3.
  • The Gloomies constantly refer to Funshine Bear as "he" throughout the issue, which is either a mistake on Star Comics' part or just a reference to the fact that they, as aliens, can't tell the bear's genders apart.
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