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Gloomy Gulch Trail

A cactus with a wooden sign indicating the way.

Gloomy Gulch Trail? But... that runs straight through No Heart's territory!
Tenderheart Bear[src]

Gloomy Gulch Trail is a desert territory that surrounds part of No Heart's castle.

It is the fastest (albeit most dangerous) way from Care-a-Lot to Big Star Point, where the Starbuddies must go to become full-fledged stars, or else they will fade away forever.

Gloomy Gulch Trail is a major location in the episode "The Big Star Round-Up".


It is dry and rocky, but minor bits of vegetation such as cacti are growing.

A dam previously held back a river there until Beastly dislodged it in attempts to stop the Care Bears from crossing it.

Points of interest[]