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The Glump is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series featured in the first issue, The Plot to Steal Summer. He is short with red eyes and light green skin and wears a very small top hat and brown fur coat. Self-described as "cold and miserable", he loathes Summer and everything about it, especially fun on the beach. His equally chilly sidekicks include Haywood the Hailstone Hare. Beezy the Sleazy Freezy Dragon, and Slush Monkey.


Spying down on a beach from his home, the Glump Dump, which sits atop Chilly Hill, the nasty Glump gleefully watches as his assistant Haywood rains pellets of icy hail on some unsuspecting children. When Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear arrive on the scene, they're able to thaw out his unseasonable weather, much to the villain's extreme disapproval. Paying them back double, he orders his lackeys Breezy and Slush Monkey to stir up a blizzard, leading the Care Bears to retreat and think of a solution.

Deciding to attack the source directly, Funshine and Good Luck Bear travel to Glump's home, but are quickly repelled by his nasty helpers. Regrouping once more, Cheer Bear comes up with a different approach, and encourages all the bears to go back down to the snowy beach just have fun in a different way - with skiing, sledding, and ice skating. A furious Glump surveys the scene, but his henchman become jealous of their good time and decide to join them, and are promptly fired.

During the festivities, Birthday Bear arrives just in time to throw a random birthday party for no one in particular. Glump witnesses this through his telescope and assumes it's for him, since it was his birthday all along, and is touched that someone actually remembered, making him care for the first time. The Plot to Steal Summer


  • Glump has many similarities to another ice-based villain, Professor Coldheart. Both use ice and cold to destroy warmth by employing a variety of gadgets, and each have their own lackeys to do their dirty work.
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