Grams Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced as part of the original 1980's toyline. She is the only member of the Care Bear Family to be portrayed as an elder.


She has purple-ish gray fur and her Belly badge is a pink rose tied with a yellow bow, and is always seen wearing a pink shawl. In the Welcome to Care a Lot series, her fur is blue.


Despite being the oldest member of the Care Bear Family, this virile veteran lives by her own motto that "you're only as old as you feel", and hasn't lost her step yet. After all, she pretty much has to be in top shape to look after the rambunctious Hugs and Tugs, and when the going really gets tough, her Belly Badge still works after all this time. But when its time to wind down, there's no one better to share a story, a warm treat, or a patient ear. To the bears of Care-a-Lot, she's everyone's grandma.


Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

Grams Bear makes her animation debut, along with Baby Hugs and Tugs, in the second Care Bears television special in 1984. While the rest of the bears must stop Professor Coldheart and his sidekick Frostbite completing their "Careless Ray Contraption" that will freeze everyone's feelings, Grams Bear must keep up the overactive cubs out of trouble. The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine

The Care Bears Movie

Grams Bear appears in the first theatrical Care Bears movie once again as the ever-vigilant caretaker of Baby Hugs and Tugs. Or, at least, until she loses them and they end up messing with Grumpy Bear's new teleportation device, which accidentally transports two children named Kim and Jason to Care-a-Lot. The Care Bears Movie

Care Bears Family TV series

Grams Bear

Grams Bear from the Care Bears Family series

Grams Bear makes her grand entrance in the thirteenth episode Nelvana's Care Bear Family television series. We see a different side of Grams Bear the other Care Bears normally don't see - the one who rides a wild cloud scooter, dances to (and plays loud music) and sports a leather jacket, much to the dismay of Tenderheart. Explaining that she just wants to have a little fun, she later joins the Care Bears on their journey to Earth to stop a mad baker named Sour Sam from corrupting the populace with his "Crabby Apple Pies". Her solution? Happy Apple Pies of course. Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise

Grams would later revert to her old self in subsequent episodes, which now mostly revolved around her telling stories to Hugs and Tugs. When Hugs wasn't willing to try to do a forward roll like her brother, Grams told her the story of a cleaning lady (Treat Heart Pig) who once had to work up the courage to sing in front of an audience, and later became a big star. Beautiful Dreamer Later, she told them the tale of two princesses (Treat Heart and Cheer Bear) who were in competition for the throne, but after working together to stop a two-headed dragon (Shreeky and Mr. Beastly), they decided to rule together. The Two Princesses In an alternate world episode set in prehistoric times, the cave-bear Grams told the two tike a tale about how Grumpy Bear met, lost, and later re-united with his friend, a brontosaurus. Grumpy's Little Friend

Welcome to Care-a-Lot TV series

Grams WTC

Grams as seen in the episode "In a Flash"

Grams Bear made her return to the franchise in the 22nd episode of the 2012 Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot series. When Wonderheart Bear becomes impatient with waiting to develop her Belly Badge powers, she seeks out her uncle Tenderheart for help. When his training proves too boring, she tries to draw out her power on her own - in the middle of a stardust storm - and gets blown away to the mountains outside Care-a-Lot. There, she meets the wizened Grams Bear, who helps her unlock her latent potential by pretending to be trapped under a large melon, causing Wonderheart to open her heart and care for someone else. When Wonderheart gains just enough power to shine a beacon, Grams reveals she was fine the whole time and easily moves the giant fruit, since "she may be old, but she's still a bear." Gram Master Flash

Comic series

Grams Comic

Grams from the comic series

Grams Bear makes a number of appearances in Star Comics' Care Bears series, published between 1985 and 1989. In the issue 2 story "The Green-Eyed Monsters", Grams helps rescues Baby Hugs and Tugs after they are kidnapped by a jealous witch (and Lotsa Heart Elephant busts down her front door). Later in the issue 5 story "The Very first Care Bear", Grams is among the future Care Bears and Care Cousins rescued from Dark Heart by Noble Heart Horse and True Heart Bear and taken to Care-a-Lot, though this does cause a contradiction with the events of the second film (see below).

Much later in the issue 16 story "The Uncouth Tooth Fairy", Grams must help the Care Bears investigate a rogue tooth fairy who is ruining children's teeth with his "Terrible Taffy", and finds out that he has been corrupted by a villain named Doctor Decay. In issue 17's story "No Heart's Rhyme Crimes", Grams must come to the rescue when No Heart uses his latest acquisition, the Rhyme Chime, to transform all the Care Bears into things that rhyme with their name. Grams herself steals the device and turns No Heart into "Doe Heart", a harmless deer.


  • Gramsbearmodelsheet1980s

    Color key sheet of Grams Bear

    The only time we see Grams use her Care Bear Stare is in the Care Bears Family episodes "Grams Bear's Thanksgiving Surprise" and "Care Bear Carneys".
  • Grams' appearance in the 5th issue of the comic series, "The Very First Care Bear" implies that she (along with Hugs and Tugs) were among the first Care Bears to arrive in Care-a-Lot , which is contradicted by the second movie. She and the cubs would have either had to have come to Care-a-Lot later, or they were simply out of sight for the entire film. This is, of course, assuming the comic is even canon to begin with. The comic's editor Tom DeFalco asked readers in issue 16 if they would like to see a story where they explored Grams Bear's past before becoming a Care Bear, but the series was cancelled before such a thing could be produced. However, it is revealed in the issue in question that Grams did go to college and her sorority sister was a tooth fairy named Gracie.
  • Grams Bear and Polite Panda have nearly the exact same Belly Badge , with both depicting pink flowers tied with ribbons.

In other languages:

Dutch: Oma Beer ("Grandma Bear")
French: Maminours
French (Canadian): Gramanours
German: Omi Bärchi ("Granny Bear")
Japanese: グラムズベア
Norwegian: Momo (a childish word for "grandma")
Spanish: Abuela Osito ("Grandmother Bear")
Spanish (Argentina): Abuela Osa ("Grandmother Bear")
Swedish (Cartoon): Farmor ("Grandma")
Swedish (Comic): Gammelnalle ("Old Bear")

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