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The Green-Eyed Monster with Hugs and Tugs in tow

The Green-Eyed Monster is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appears in the second issue story The Green-Eyed Monster. While she can change her form to whatever she wishes, she normally resembles a stereotypical witch with a black robe and hat, flying broomstick, and of course, green eyes, which she uses to fire her Green Stare that induces intense jealously in anyone it hits.


During an Earth parade pageant called the Tournament of Posies, a young girl named Adora is crowned parade princess, much to the enjoyment of almost everyone there. The emerald-eyed witch appears in the form of another girl and begins firing her Green Stare at everyone in sight, making them all jealous of Adora and accusing her of being pampered and spoiled. When the Care Bears arrive to check things out, she uses her powers to stop Grumpy Bear, Love-a-Lot Bear, and Wish Bear in their tracks by making them all envious of each other. When the other bears arrive and use their Care Bear Stare to turn everyone back to normal, the witch angrily reverts to her true form and kidnaps Baby Hugs and Tugs before flying off.

While in pursuit, the Green-Eyed troublemaker heads to her home on Spite Mountain, which is protected by fierce "Demon Winds" that blow the bear's Cloudmobiles straight to the ground. Landing in the Forest of Feelings, the bears unite with Brave Heart Lion and Lotsa Heart Elephant of the Care Bear Cousins. While Brave Heart uses his roar to repel her winds, Lotsa Heart bashes in her front door, trapping the villain underneath. Vowing to spread her Green Stare all over the world, the witch takes to the skies, but it stopped by a Care Bear Stare that changes her attitude. Now on the side of good, the Green-Eyed Monster-no-more joins the parade on Adora's float. The Green-Eyed Monster


  • She is one of two witch-themed villains from the comic series, the other being Sand Witch.
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