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The Green Creature Slaves (Also canonically named Green Meanies in the comics) are the mindless minions of Professor Coldheart who made their only appearance in the very first Care bears television special, The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings in 1983. They are short, somewhat frog-like beings with yellow eyes and long limbs. Not truly evil, they are actually children who were transformed by the mad professor to act as his personal servants, though they mostly just wander about his home, devoid of all feeling or emotion. They only answer to the Professor. Professor Coldheart treats them poorly. They don't talk once they are turned into Green Creature Slaves.

Original series[]

Land Without Feelings[]

When a boy named Kevin runs away from home, he ends up in the gloomy Land Without Feelings, home to the nefarious Professor Coldheart. After convincing the boy to come back with him and avoid all his troubles, the wily professor takes him back to his derelict mansion and transforms him into his latest unwitting servant (by serving him a cold drink, possibly). Meanwhile, the Care Bears and a girl named Donna begin their search for the missing boy, which leads them right to Coldheart's inhospitable realm.

While braving the dangers of the living forest, the bears become incapacitated one after another, falling prey to the mad doctor's traps. Back at the entrance, Wish Bear simply wishes that she and her friends were in Coldheart's home, causing all of them to be magically transported inside. Demanding to see Kevin, their chilly host reveals that he is no longer himself, and he intends to keep him that way. The bears respond with a Care Bear Stare, which not only reverts Kevin, but all the other children corrupted by Coldheart. His plan undone, the villain retreats while the children presumably return to their homes.

Professor Coldheart can't make anymore green creature slaves because as long as he has to confront the Care Bears, the Care Bears use their Care Bear Stare to revert the effects. He vows that once the Care Bears are gone he'll start up with the green creature slaves again.

The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings

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