Beastly: Well that would be one way to break it.

Shreeky: Oh you're in for it.

Beastly: Me? I didn't do it.

No Heart: My thunderpit it's ruined. Beastly what have you done?

Beastly: It wasn't me your nastyness it was Shreeky.

No Heart: Shreeky did you do that?

Shreeky: I cannot tell a lie uncle No Heart Beastly did it.

Beastly: What?

No Heart: And don't you ever come back.

Beastly: Banished from my own home what will I do?

Shreeky: Uncle No Heart don't you think you were rough on the little hairbag?

No Heart: Rough? He's lucky I didn't turn him into a ruttabegga. Now clean up this mess.

Shreeky: Clean it up do chores? Get somebody else to do it.

No Heart: Somebody else has just been banished. Starting now, you will take over Beastly's duties.

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