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Grumpy's Three Wishes is the second episode of The Care Bears Family.


When trying to bring confidence to a boy named Alvin, and with the Care Bear Family gone to stop No Heart and his shadows, Grumpy Bear makes three wishes with an eight-leaf clover--with the unexpected results.


  • Baby Tugs Bear is seen riding on a Star Buddy outside of the Caring Headquarters in one shot early in the episode. However, upon entering the building, he turns from light blue to brown.


  • There is a closing scene that was edited out of syndication prints starting in 1988. As Grumpy sees Alvin and Freddy, Good Luck Bear says Alvin learned Grumpy's lesson. Grumpy also learned from Alvin about honesty, Good Luck questions who learned it, Grumpy responds "Never mind". This scene can be found on The Care Bears Family Storybook 1986 VHS.