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Hearts at Sea is the twenty-first episode of The Care Bears Family.


The episode starts with Baby Hugs Bear chasing after Baby Tugs Bear, who is riding a skateboard. Hugs wants on, but Tugs says that skateboarding is a boys-only thing, and that it is too dangerous for a girl to do it. Grams Bear notices them arguing, and says it reminds her of a story she heard.

She tells Hugs and Tugs the story, which takes place on the seas, where a boat is shown. The captain (Brave Heart Lion) asks his first mate (Bright Heart Raccoon) where they are going, and Bright Heart says that they are escorting their passenger to Port Happy. Brave Heart is not happy about their passenger, Rebecca, who is a girl, so he has Bright Heart check on her to make sure that she isn't causing trouble, and he takes the wheel.

However, his steering skills are below average, and he ends up causing Bright Heart to throw Rebecca's food out of a window due to the ship swaying. After Bright Heart picks himself up, he sees the fish eating Rebecca's lunch and apologizes, but Rebecca says it's okay and she's too excited to eat anyway. She shows him a series of maps, which were given to her by her grandfather who told her wonderful stories about the sea, and she says her dream is to help sail a ship, just like this one. Shocked, Bright Heart asks Rebecca if she meant this ship, Rebecca answers yes, and admits she's been studying very hard. Holding up a piece of rope, she amazingly ties a double hitch in it and shows it to Bright Heart. She also admits she can navigate and knows exactly where they are now, and draws a circle, much to Bright Heart's amazement. However, Bright Hearts tells Rebecca he's not the one she has to convince, it's Captain Brave Heart, and also adds it's not going to be easy. When Rebecca asks why, Bright Heart admits the captain doesn't even like girl passengers on his ship, let alone one who wants to sail it, much to Rebecca's disappointment. But Bright Heart says there might be a way to convince the captain which excites Rebecca. He tells her she can start with some small chores and once Brave Heart sees she can handle them, he'll maybe let her help sail the ship. When Rebecca says it's a great idea and runs up deck. Meanwhile, Brave Heart ties a rope to the wheel to hold it in place, which fails, causing Brave Heart to spin around on it. After picking himself up, Brave Heart notes everything is under control, a good wind is filling the sails, the ship is sailing smoothly, and Bright Heart, with Rebecca swabbing the deck, but when Brave Heart sees this, he is angry that a girl is doing something boys have always done. Then one of the sail's ropes snap, and Rebecca goes to fix it, but Brave Heart goes after her. Rebecca reaches the top, and manages to tie the sail back on, which Brave Heart says only boys can tie knots, but he falls off of the sail, and lands in the sea. Bright Heart throws him a lifebuoy tied to a rope, and he and Rebecca pull him back up onto the deck. When Bright Heart if he's alright, Brave Heart angrily says he's fine and he belongs on deck, unlike Rebecca. He orders Bright Heart to take the wheel while goes to change into some dry clothes. As Rebecca sighs sadly, Bright Heart consoles her, and she did very well rescuing Brave Heart. Rebecca says it didn't convince Brave Heart she can be a sailor though, but she'll show him she can, much to Bright Heart's delight, and then he shows her a list of which job she can do next.

Meanwhile, a small ship flying a skull and crossbones flag floats out at sea. On board, Shreeky, Queen of the Pirates, is ordering her first mate, Beastly to swab the deck. She tells Beastly she's going to sink Captain Brave Heart's ship if it's the last thing she does. She explains her plan to Beastly: They will pretend that they're in trouble, and when Brave Heart comes to save them, they will board his ship and sink it.

Back on his ship, Brave Heart comes back up on deck after changing his clothes and he hopes that they'll stay dry this time. Just then, a strong wind shifted the sails. Calling Bright Heart, Brave Heart orders him to trim the sails, but then, Rebecca says she'll do it, much to Brave Heart's annoyance and Bright Heart's encouragement. Approaching Rebecca, Brave Heart tells her that girls don't know how to winch winches, but when he goes to turn the winch, it spins him around uncontrollably, and launches him into the air where he gets wrapped in one of the ship's flags, and lands in the sea again. As Bright Heart and Rebecca pull him back on deck again, Brave Heart angrily admonishes Rebecca that girls can't be sailors and girls should stay below deck where they belong. As Rebecca sadly says she'll never prove to Brave Heart that she can be a sailor, Bright Heart consoles her and tries to encourage not to give up her dream, and she's doing such a good job, but Rebecca tells Bright Heart she'll just go below where she belongs. As Brave Heart fumes about the trouble Rebecca caused and wonders what more could, he hears someone crying for help. He orders Bright Heart to steer the ship towards the cry of help, which was coming from Shreeky's ship. As they draw alongside, Shreeky and Beastly revealed themselves, throw a grappling iron at the side of Brave Heart's ship, and climbed on board.

We fade back to Grams Bear's yard where Hugs and Tugs asks Grams what happens next in the story. Grams chuckles and settles them down and continues the story. As she starts telling Hugs and Tugs the rest of the story, we fade back to the moment Shreeky and Beastly board Brave Heart's ship to sink it. As Brave Heart got ready to fight the pirates, he calls Bright Heart to join him. As Bright Heart runs to join Brave Heart, Rebecca pokes her head out of the cabin door and asked Bright Heart what's going on, and he tells her they have to stop the pirates before they sink the ship and it'll be the end of everyone's dreams, and he races off to join the fight. As Brave Heart orders Shreeky to get off his ship, she tells him to call her "Shreeky: Queen of the Pirates", and taunts him to make her which he will as nothing stop his ship from reaching its destination. She retorts by producing her magic mirror and blasts its energy bolts at Brave Heart who reflects them with his sword. While Shreeky was busy fighting Brave Heart, Beastly climbs on board the deck where Bright Heart engages him in a sword fight. While Shreeky and Brave Heart were fighting, Brave Heart slips on a bar of soap which sends him falling off the ship and into the sea for a third time. As Shreeky gleefully thinks she won the fight, Rebecca appears with a mop and confronts her for sending Brave Heart overboard. While Rebecca fights Shreeky, Brave Heart climbs back up on the deck. As he moans about being a ship's captain not being fun, he notices Rebecca fighting Shreeky, and races over to stop her. As Rebecca reflects Shreeky's blasts with the mop, Shreeky backs into the ship's open side hatch and she falls off the deck but grabs the side, and before Rebecca can knock her off with the mop, Brave Heart stops her, and sends her back below deck, much to Shreeky's amusement.

After Brave Heart locks Rebecca in the cabin, Shreeky pulls herself back on deck and blasts him with her mirror. She then blasts one of the sails off its mast and it drops on top of Brave Heart and levitates him up to the yardarm where he hangs upside down. Meanwhile, Bright Heart and Beastly were in the middle of their swordfight when Shreeky shoots an energy bolt from her mirror, causing Bright Heart to lose his sword. As Beastly goes to deal with Bright Heart, he gets his peg leg stuck in a knothole on the deck, but as he pulls himself free, Beastly crashes into a stack of barrels, sending one straight at Bright Heart who rolls on top of it before crashing into Beastly's peg leg and gets trapped by the barrel. As Beastly laughs at Bright Heart's predicament, he frees his peg leg and put it back on his leg. Shreeky lowers Brave Heart, now tied up in the sail, next to Bright Heart, and when Beastly says now they can sink the ship, Shreeky tells him no. She has a better idea: They will make Brave Heart and Bright Heart walk the plank. As they force Brave Heart and Bright Heart across the plank, Brave Heart says to Shreeky he can swim with his hands tied behind his back, as can Bright Heart, but Shreeky ask if they can swim in shark infested waters. As Beastly looks for any sharks, he falls off the ship and nearly gets eaten by a shark and he jumps back on the ship, which proves Shreeky's point, and she orders Brave Heart and Bright Heart to move it.

Meanwhile in her cabin, Rebecca ties her sheets together and uses her makeshift rope to escape through the porthole. Just as Shreeky was about to make Brave Heart and Bright Heart jump off the end of the plank, Rebecca swings down on a rope and grabs Shreeky's mirror and smashes it on the deck


It is the first time that people have been introduced to a Baby Hugs Bear story.


Rebecca goes from having 5 fingers to 4 fingers throughout the episode.