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"Hey Starglo" is a song from the movie, Care Bears: Share Bear Shines. It is sung by Share Bear and Princess Starglo.


Share Bear: Hey, ho, Princess Starglo

The twinkling light in the dark night sky

Light our way and help us see

The dazzling possibilities

Princess Starglo: Extra, extra, read all about it

I matter that much? Oh, I doubt it

Share Bear: Oh my gosh! Yes, you do

I can make a wish that might come true

With one of the billion stars that began with you

Princess Starglo-o-o

Princess Starglo: Yeah, Share?

Share Bear: Didn't you know?

Princess Starglo: Know what?

Share Bear: How much you mean to those of us below?

Princess Starglo: Hey, Share Bear

I'm glad we cleared the air

It's nice to know, that somebody still cares