Hopeful Heart Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced as a plush toy in 2005 during the early-to-mid to 2000s Care Bears franchise re-launch. She has light fuchsia fur and her Belly badge is a pink heart emitting multicolored rays of light.

Absolutely brimming with hope, happiness, and positivity, Hopeful Heart's the kind of bear that will tell you everything's going to be all right in the end. She's the type that sees the silver lining around every dark cloud, and knows that no matter how dire a situation may seem, there's always chance to make things better. It takes a lot to get this girl down, but even if that happens you can bet she'll be back to her old self in no time flat.

2000's series

2002-2006 toyline


Hopeful Heart's Original Design

Hopeful heart made her debut as a plush toy in 2005 during the Care Bears franchise re-launch of the early 2000s, and has since been made into a number of different novelty items. These include a 14" large plush, 12" fluffy plush, 10" butterfly costume plush, and a 12" limited edition strawberry-scented plush that is packaged and comes with a Care Bears Family DVD.

Adventures in Care-a-Lot

Hopeful Heart AIC

Hopeful Heart's AiC design

While she doesn't appear in the series itself, Hopeful Heart received a re-design just after her debut to match the new character designs of the Adventures in Care-a-Lot cartoon, and has been featured in its associated toyline. She remains mostly the same, except her hair is now tied up in a lavender scrunchie and the light rays on her Belly Badge now come in only three colors instead of six. This particular version was released as an 8" beanbag plush and 10" regular plush by Play Along.

2010's series

Welcome to Care-a-Lot

Hopeful Heart, along with most of the other care bears, received a redesign for the 2012 reboot, Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. She has appeared both in plush form and as a toy in the form of a blind-bag mini-figure.


2005-2006: Hopeful Heart Bear is brimming with hope and happiness. She knows a positive outlook is very important. Hopeful Heart always looks on the bright side and knows how to share her hopeful ways with others. Her tummy symbol is a heart glowing with a rainbow of happy rays!

2007-2011: It's easy to stay happy with a friend like Hopeful Heart bear! She's always smiling and ready to show you the good side of everything. She knows happiness starts in your heart and her belly badge shows that. It has beams of hope glowing from the center of a happy heart!


In other languages:

German: Hoffnungsbärchi ("Hope Bear")
Japanese: ホープフルハートベア

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