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Doesn't like getting his hands dirty.


We need some critical love, stat!

Intensive Care Bear is a kind of Care Bear referenced in both The Simpsons and Robot Chicken. They are treated differently in each show. The Simpsons episode aired in 2003 and the Robot Chicken episode aired in 2007.

These are parodies demonstrating the Care Bears' influence on popular culture and are not part of any official canon universes.

The Simpsons[]

In The Simpsons, a bear resembling Love-a-Lot Bear (but with a gruff New York accent and threatening demeanor) approaches Homer and scares him. This happens because Homer is having a panic attack about bears, a phobia of his brought on due to a previous encounter with a wild brown bear. The Intensive Care Bear also accompanies several other bears, including four Gummi Bears, Winnie the Pooh, Paddington Bear, Smokey Bear, four Teddy Grahams, the Snuggle bear, and two bears wearing Chicago Bears helmets and jerseys.

Homer: Are you a Care Bear?
Intensive Care Bear: I'm an INTENSIVE Care Bear. (produces a crowbar)
Homer: Why does a bear need a crowbar?
Intensive Care Bear: I don't like to get my hands dirty.

Robot Chicken[]

In a Robot Chicken sketch, Intensive Care Bears are a spin-off line of Care Bears intended to comfort children suffering serious injuries or diseases. Three examples are shown - Skin Graft Bear, Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome Bear, and Low T-Cell Bear.

(Interior scene, children's hospital. We see, from left to right, a burn victim covered in bandages, an emaciated AIDS patient, and a boy in a bubble)
Announcer: Hey, kids! Feeling run down from all the chemo, spinal taps, and general malpractice-worthy doctoring?
(All three nod solemnly, accompanied by a sad trombone)
Announcer: Sounds like you need some critical love, stat! Say hello to the Intensive Care Bears! (ICB logo is shown)
(Cut to the burn victim, looking sad.)
Announcer: Try Skin Graft Bear! He's an inspirational patchwork of love!
(Skin Graft Bear, which is covered in patches, appears for the burn victim, who hugs it.)
Burn victim: He smells like morphine sulfate!
(Cut to the boy in the bubble)
Announcer: Feeling run down? (The boy nods) Give a wheeze for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency Syndrome Bear, or SCIDS, for short.
(SCIDS bear, which appears in a bubble of its own, appears in the bubble with the boy, who happily holds it.)
Bubble boy: We BOTH wanna walk on grass!
(cut to the AIDS patient, who is bedridden and sad)
Announcer: And let's not forget Low T-Cell Bear!
(A yellow, emaciated looking bear appears. The AIDS patient happily hugs it)
AIDS patient: Being born with AIDS won't slow him down!
(After the patient throws the bear up and down, it audibly flatlines to his shock. A nurse uses a defibrillator on it, only for it to catch fire. The nurse comes back to smother it with a towel. As this is all happening, the announcer says...)
Announcer: The Intensive Care Bears - they're a cure for your heart! (rapid legal disclaimer voice:) Intensive Care Bears only cure your heart metaphorically. Some bears may cause rash, infection, loss of vision, and/or loose stools.

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