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For International Day of the Girl (IDotG) in 2019, Care Bears partnered with CARE to create unique, artist-designed bears to auction on Ebay for CARE's charity. 36 bears were created, each tackling a unique topic that the person who designed them saw was important. The auction ended on October 19, 2019.


Reef Steward Bear[]

Reef steward bear

Reef Steward Bear was created by Agnes Garbowska.

They are themed after a coral reef and the deep ocean, their design featuring swirls of water, jellyfish, coral, anemones, and more. Their belly badge is a heart with three pale pink jellyfish.

They sold for $202.50 during the auction.

Amazo Bear[]

Amazo bear

Amazo Bear was created by Reif Harrison.

Their head is striped red, navy, silver, and gold, and they are faceless. Their body is white with gold stripes and red, navy, silver, and gold dots. Their legs feature geometric shapes in the same color. Across their body is written "You're Amazing Just The Way You are."

They sold for $131.50 during the auction.

BE YOU Bear[]

Be you bear

BE YOU Bear was designed by McKenzi Brooke.

Their body is white segmented into puzzle pieces. Their belly badge is a red heart outlined in black. Their arms and nose are red, and instead of eyes they have "BE YOU" written across their face.

They sold for $152.50 during the auction.

Art History Bear[]

Art history bear

Art History Bear was designed by Pop Ramen.

Their body is solid white. Their nose is gold and their belly badge are golden swirls similar in appearance to a fleur-de-lis with several pearls. They have pearl eyes.

They sport a gold ring above their head like a halo, designed with circles and lines, similar in appearance to the art of the Art Deco period. They stand on a circular, brown base.

They sold for $167.50 during the auction.

Connections Bear[]

Connections bear

Connections Bear was designed by Angel Bee.

Their body is white, but they are decorated with pastel pointillism creating a scene with other bears. Instead of a face, they have what appears to be Friend Bear or Tenderheart Bear laying belly-down on a cloud while painting a rainbow that goes through Connections Bear's right ear.

Their belly badge is Baby Tugs Bear and Baby Hugs Bear, holding hands and rainbow heart balloons while standing on a cloud with rainbow heart-shaped flowers. A rainbow is behind them.

On the back of their head is Funshine Bear, assisting Friend/Tenderheart in painting the rainbow. Funshine's paint bucket is dripping yellow and green paint, which Cheer Bear- on the back of Connections's left leg- is catching in her own bucket. Funshine stands on a cloud while Cheer sits on hers. There are several Starbuddies on Connections Bear.

The style of the bears on Connections Bear seems to be a mix of the art styles of the 2000s and original greeting card iterations of the Bears.

In Care Bears x By Fans For Fans x Angel Bee - Behind the Bear, Angel Bee says, "Making connections with others in a positive way is something I truly care about. In a way, I kinda see it like the way I see pointillism... One dot is just a dot alone. But when that dot is grouped together with other dots... such as, when others reach out to that one person who may be alone in life, it forms a connection... and as a result, these dots start to form a complete image in collaboration with one another. ... The complete image is the beautiful result of connections that form in positive ways."

They sold for $355.00 during the auction.

Love Bear (Techycutie)[]

Love bear techycutie

Love Bear (not to be confused with the other Love Bear designed by AYCIEF) was designed by Techycutie.

They are black, with blue eyes, purple blush, and a black nose. Their belly badge is two hearts- the front one is pink, and the one in the back is striped with green, teal, blue, pink, and purple. Their arms, legs, and ears are a darker black with glitter.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Techycutie - Behind the Bear's description, Techycutie says, "There is nothing I care more about than being with the ones I love, being expressive, and being unapologetically colorful! I want to express that love comes in all shapes and forms, and we should not hide who we are inside."

They sold for $157.50 during the auction.

Global Feminist Bear[]

Global feminist bear

Global Feminist Bear was designed by Paris Jackson.

They are purple with white, closed eyes and a purple nose. "GLOBAL FEMINIST" is written across their legs. Their belly badge is a globe with hands of various skin tones reaching out.

They sold for $870.00 during the auction.

WASH Bear[]

Wash bear

WASH Bear was designed by the cast of Sunnyside Up.

They are white with teal and blue accents. White clouds are on their legs and their arms are teal. On their cheeks are teal rainclouds, and their nose is a teal water droplet. Their eyes are black.

Their belly badge is a yellow and orange sun. Written around it, in blue, is "ALWAYS LOOK ON THE SUNNY SIDE"(?).

They sold for $185.50 during the auction.

Rescue Animals Bear[]

Rescue animals bear

Rescue Animals Bear was designed by Kaia Tseng.

They are similar in appearance to a gray tabby cat. Their fur is gray, with darker gray stripes and white socks. Their eyes are yellow-green and slanted inwards in an expression of anger. They have white, round eyebrows. The insides of their ears and their blush are pink.

They wear a pale green ribbon as a scarf, and they have no belly badge.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Kaia Tseng - Behind the Bear, Kaia Tseng says that Rescue Animals Bear is based off their rescue cat Ringo and is based off their love for animal rescue groups.

They sold for $203.00 during the auction.

Sweets Bear[]

Sweets bear

Sweets Bear was designed by midoriglasses.

They are peach pink with the left side of their body covered in a chocolate-colored splatter. Their eyes are black with a pink star-shaped highlight, and one is closed. Their eyelids are white and their nose is black. Their tongue hangs from their mouth.

They are decorated with various sweets- notably ice cream cones on their legs, donuts on their right arm and back of the head, a blue cake on their back, and sprinkles. Almost all these decorations have bear faces.

Their belly badge is a cupcake with a brown bear head as the icing, with three pink hearts around it.

They sold for $137.50 during the auction.

Art & Stories Bear[]

Art and stories bear

Art & Stories Bear was designed by Lil Cricket.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Lil Cricket - Behind the Bear, it's revealed Art & Stories Bear is Bedtime Bear as a knight. He fights nightmares and protects dreams. "In my own small way, I hope to add light to the world through art and stories, and maybe that can help dispell nightmares and negativity," says Lil Cricket.

He is pale blue with a blue nose and white tuft of hair. The rest of him is covered in blue and silver armor with yellow star and moon decorations. His eyes are covered by their helmet.

He wields a silver sword with a blue grip and yellow star. His belly badge (on his armor) is a yellow crescent moon with a yellow star beside it, though his true belly badge would be that of Bedtime Bear's.

He sold for $505.00 during the auction.

Love Bear (AYCIEF)[]

Love bear aycief

Love Bear (not to be confused with the other Love Bear designed by Techycutie) was designed by AYCIEF.

They are red with white hearts. Their eyes are black and their eyebrows curve downward into a soft expression. Their nose is red.

Their belly badge is an open pink envelope with three red hearts flying from it. The white spot where it is has a lace-like border. They have a white heart spot surrounding their tail, which also has a lace-like border, as does their inner ears.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Aycief - Behind the Bear, AYCIEF says, "Love has helped me get through so much! [Love Bear] is inspired by my husband and ongoing long-distance relationship and sending those you love handwritten letters."

They sold for $153.50 during the auction.

Equality Bear (Joyce Hwang)[]

Equality bear joyce hwang

Equality Bear (not to be confused with the other Equality Bear designed by Ashlee Simpson) was designed by Joyce Hwang.

They are pastel rainbow with pink blush, a pink nose, and pink inner ears. Their eyes are purple and their belly badge is a pink equal sign.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Joyce Hwang - Behind the Bear, Joyce Hwang says, "I chose to go with a rainbow because it represents a spectrum. I feel like we're all existing on so many spectrums all at once. Whether it's our beliefs, personalities, our genders, sexualities, or cultural identities. ... But, at the end of the day, we're all equals to each other."

They sold for $147.50 during the auction.

Self-Care Bear[]

Self care bear mis0happy

Self-Care Bear was designed by Mis0happy.

They are pastel pink and teary-eyed. They have soft orange accents and blush, with white highlights.

Their belly badge is a green sprout with a pink heart above it. In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Mis0happy - Behind the Bear, Mis0happy explains that, "I wanted to represent something that was important to me, and that was learning to take care of yourself and also learning that things will be okay. [The] sprout is you, and [the] heart represents the thing that keeps you grounded or the thing you need in order to grow ("grow" aka "take care of yourself"), and together it kinda makes a flower!"

They sold for $140.50 at the auction.

Galaxy Bear[]

Galaxy bear

Galaxy Bear was designed by Trinketfox.

They are a gradient of yellow, pink, purple, blue, and black. They have yellow stars on their cheeks and white dots on their fur. Their nose is blue and they have a white hair tuft. They hold a pillow and have a gray heart on their bottom, similar to the hearts found on other Bears' bottoms.

Their belly badge is a ringed planet that is blue with yellow rings and a white heart in the middle. It's similar in appearance to Daydream Bear's belly badge.

They sold for $200.00 during the auction.

Creativity Bear[]

Creativity bear

Creativity Bear was designed by Brian Kesigner.

He is a robotic bear, appearing worn and old with silver metal showing through worn blue and white paint. His nose is blue and he wears goggles. His belly badge is a silver gear with a heart in the middle. He has some rust.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Brian Kesinger - Behind the Bear, Brian Kesinger says, "He's what I'm calling a 'Care Bot'." Brian Kesinger is known for his steampunk art, which he put into the creation of Creativity Bear.

He sold for $455.00 during the auction.

Skies and Seas Bear[]

Skies and seas bear

Skies and Seas Bear was designed by eppao.

They are white with blue accents in the shapes of the sky, birds, feathers, and scales. They appear to be wearing a black shirt with a white collar and black pants with blue cuffs. Their belly badge is a bird-like shape flying above several fish or shark-like shapes.

The back of their head is black and has a bear on a rowboat looking at the moon. Their back has plant-like patterns.

They sold for $295.00 during the auction.

Self-Expression Bear[]

Self expression bear

Self-Expression Bear was designed by noelty_chan.

They are pale blue and covered in stickers. They have three holographic heart-shaped stickers below their left eye. Their blush, nose, and inner ears are pink, and they have white round eyebrows. Their belly badge is a translucent pouch of several multicolored objects, including paper stars and a figurine of a calico cat, and a figure of Miffy.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x noelty_chan - Behind the Bear, noelty_chan says, "The topic I wanted to tackle with my bear was mental health–specifically self care. I believe you should take care of yourself before caring for others and designed my bear with those sentiments in mind," implying Self-Expression Bear was originally going to be named Self-Care Bear as well.

They sold for $133.50 during the auction.

Environment Bear[]

Environment bear

Environment Bear was designed by Euge.

They are a green bear with black legs. They wear a skull-shaped mask with their right eye shaped like an X. Their belly badge is solid green. They also wear a pink orchid and a cape and skirt made of leaves.

In Care Bears x For Fans By Fans x Euge - Behind the Bear, Euge says, "... I was particularly inspired and heartbroken by the burning of the Amazon Rainforest. I blacked out the legs to signify the loss we've suffered thus far, and placed the orchid at the top, to demonstrate the beauties of the forest that we risk losing soon."

They sold for $202.50 during the auction.

Living Blue Bear[]

Living blue bear

Living Blue Bear was designed by Zac Posen.

They are completely white with a navy blue nose. They wear a large white and navy poncho with multiple layers. They are faceless.

They sold for $210.50 during the auction.

Justice Bear[]

Justice bear

Justice Bear was designed by Sofia Bush.

She is inspired by Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a former associate justice of the United States Supreme Court.

Justice Bear is pale pink with no eyes and dark brown hair. She has large black glasses and wears a black robe with a white lace collar. She stands on a brown pedestal and has a large gavel with a gold accent.

She sold for $500.00 during the auction.

Earth Magic Bear[]

Earth magic bear

Earth Magic Bear was designed by Kacey Musgraves.

They are pale green with white sparkle shapes. Their belly badge is a globe with a rainbow that extends off to their right leg.

They sold for $850.00 during the auction.

Diversity Bear[]

Diversity bear

Diversity Bear was designed by Iman.

They have brown fur and a brown nose. Their eyes are black and they have curly dark brown hair pulled into two buns. They have a white heart on their bottom.

Their belly badge is five handprints in different skintones forming a circle.

They sold for $218.48 during the auction.

Clean Water Bear[]

Clean water bear

Clean Water Bear was designed by Hilary Duff.

They are green with yellow, brown, and white stripes. Their nose and blush is brown and they have no eyes.

Their belly badge is a brown water droplet.

They sold for $455.00 during the auction.

Climate Justice Bear[]

Climate justice bear

Climate Justice Bear was designed by Skai Jackson.

Their neck above is green and leaf-patterned. Below their neck are orange and yellow flames. Their nose is green and they have no eyes.

Their belly badge is a melting globe.

They sold for $202.50 during the auction.

Youth Empowerment Bear[]

Youth empowerment bear

Youth Empowerment Bear was designed by Sia.

They are blue with a pink nose. Their right leg and arm are pink, and their left leg and arm are yellow. On their legs are white clouds. The right section of their upper head is pink, and the left is yellow. They wear a blue bow.

Their belly badge is a yellow, orange, and pink stripe across a blue background.

They sold for $1,100.00 during the auction, the highest price of any of the IDotG Bears.

Health for All Bear / Medical Equality for All Bear[]

Health for all bear

Health for All Bear, or Medical Equality for All Bear, was designed by Michelle Williams.

Their fur is a dark purple-pink camo, and they have a white nose.

Their belly badge is two fists held in the air with pink lines nearby. Written around their belly badge are the words "MEDICAL EQUALITY FOR ALL" and three black hearts.

They sold for $202.50 during the auction.

Girl Empowerment Bear[]

Girl empowerment bear

Girl Empowerment Bear was designed by Haylie Duff.

Their fur is pale pink and blue swirls covered in purple glitter. Their belly badge is the same as their fur and blends into it, and their eyes are glittery purple.

They sold for $182.50 during the auction.

Heart Chakra Bear[]

Heart chakra bear

Heart Chakra Bear was designed by Bianca Lawson.

They are green and have no eyes. Their nose is green and they have a gold pattern on their forehead, and light green patterns on their legs. They sport a beaded wire headpiece.

Their belly badge is the Anahata chakra within a peaked circle with a six-pointed star.

They sold for $232.50 during the auction.

Women in Agriculture Bear[]

Women in agriculture bear

Women in Agriculture Bear was designed by Bellamy Young.

The fur on their head is a black and blue gradient with white stars. Their arms are a yellow and green gradient, and their legs are a dark green and black pattern similar in appearance to grass. Their nose is orange and they have no eyes.

Their belly badge is a wheat field, and they wear an orange felt cape.

They sold for $405.00 during the auction.

Youth Are The Future Bear[]

Youth are the future bear

Youth Are The Future Bear was designed by Meghan Trainor.

Their top half is pink and their bottom half is blue. They have a blue nose and no eyes.

Their belly badge is a butterfly whose top left and bottom right wing sections are pale blue, and whose top right and bottom left wing sections are pale pink. There is a pale purple heart above where its antennae would be.

They sold for $233.12 during the auction.

World Hunger Bear[]

World hunger bear

World Hunger Bear was designed by the Paisley family.

They are pale blue with green splotches and white cloud shapes, appearing like continents on a cloudy globe. Their right eye is shaped like the sun and their left eye is closed; both are yellow. Their nose is more similar in appearance to a real bear's and is brown.

Their belly badge is a green apple over a globe. The apple is slightly offset from center.

They sold for $455.00 during the auction.

Giving Girls A Voice Bear[]

Giving girls a voice bear

Giving Girls A Voice Bear was designed by Katharine McPhee.

They are a pink bear with a purple waist and legs. On their arms are purple handprints, and on their legs are pink handprints. Their eyes are closed and purple, below their left eye is a white teardrop shape. Their nose is purple.

Their belly badge are three girls- one yellow, one orange, and one green- holding blue protest signs. The yellow girl's sign has a circle with a slash through it, the orange girl's sign says "NO", and the green girl's is blank.

They sold for $137.50 during the auction.

Equality Bear (Ashlee Simpson)[]

Equality bear ashlee simpson

Equality Bear (not to be confused with the other Equality Bear designed by Joyce Hwang) was designed by Ashlee Simpson.

They are a sandy color with green and orange leaves, and gray, orange, and pale blue flowers covering them. Their nose is dark green and they have no eyes.

Their belly badge is three hands of various skin tones showing peace signs held in the air.

They sold for $300.00 during the auction.

Safety Bear[]

Safety bear

Safety Bear was designed by Alexandra Daddario.

They are red with purple stripes and gold glitter hearts. Their nose is purple and they have no eyes.

Their belly badge is a red ribbon forming a heart.

They sold for $370.00 during the auction.

Refugee Bear[]


Refugee Bear was designed by Holland Roden.

They are brown with a wood grain pattern. Their eyes are beady and black, and their nose is green.

Their belly badge is the words "ALL WELCOME" written in green.

They sold for $217.50 during the auction.



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