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Introducing the Care Bears is the fifth Care Bears album.

The album was released in 1984. In the United States, it was released on Kid Stuff Records.

Album Background[]

The album was produced by Mark Volman, Howard Kaylan and John Hoier. It features artists such as Anita Ferry and Monica Lauren.


Welcome to Care-A-Lot. A magic land of fluffy clouds, shimmery stars and tumbling rainbows. This is the happy cozy home of the Care Bears. Ten lovable bears who wear their emotions on their tummies. Get to know these lovable bears one by one and you'll agree. They're the most Tender, Friendly, Loving, Sunny, Grumpy, Lucky, Cherry, Sleepy, Wishing Bears and have more Birthdays than any Bears in the world.

Track listing[]


  1. Good Luck Bear
  2. Cheer Bear
  3. Tenderheart Bear
  4. Grumpy Bear
  5. Wish Bear


  1. Funshine Bear
  2. Birthday Bear
  3. Love-A-Lot Bear
  4. Friend Bear
  5. Bedtime Bear