Funshine JAL
Joke-a-lot was the place Funshine Bear when one of his jokes goes wrong. Funshine bear left Care-a-lot to find a place where his sense of humor was appreciated. His travel takes him to Joke a lot,a whimsical land where humor rules and Funshine is made king!

He is even given the royal scepter guarding the magic jewels which hold the secret to joke a lot's power to tickle the funny bone. Worried about their friend, Tenderheart, Cheer bear and the other care bears track down Funshine and plead him to return home.

Joke-A-Lot considers the word "serious" a terrible word, and can not take anything seriously. This later frustrates Funshine when he tries to tell some people how he really feels, and they think it is a joke, with only one person daring to say "I think he's serious."

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