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Just Play, LLC is a North American toy company founded in 2010 that mainly specializes in licensed products.

History with Care Bears license[]

In 2014, American Greetings partnered with Just Play to produce a new range of Care Bears toys, including plush and figures.


  • Just Play Care Bears 14-Inch Plush
  • Just Play Care Bears 9-Inch Plush
  • Just Play Care Bears 20-Inch Plush
  • Just Play Care Bears Retro Plush
  • Just Play Care Bears Figures


Retro Plush[]

Cheer Bear[]

Share Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

Tenderheart Bear[]

Care Bear Cubs[]

Grumpy Bear[]

Funshine Bear[]

Share Bear[]

Cheer Bear[]

Bedtime Bear[]

Love-a-lot Bear[]

Harmony Bear[]

Rainbow Heart Bear[]