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This page is about the Beastly character from the 2010's series. For the original 1980's character, refer to Beastly

King Beastly is the main antagonist of the 2012 series Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot and its sequel series the 2015 Netflix series Care Bears and Cousins.


King Beastly is a known troublemaker. He often comes across as someone who mostly wants attention and doesn't understand how to quite fit in with others, leading to his constant clashes with the Care Bears. He loves to pull pranks, but he can occasionally show a softer side and has his share of moral standards.

He is usually accompanied by his Beasties, two brown creatures similar to himself. He is the only one who can understand their muttering.


King Beastly is a short and stout green creature with a striped furry tail and dark green eyes. He has a strong underbite and wears a crown.


Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot[]

King Beastly makes frequent appearances throughout Welcome to Care-a-Lot, normally as the main antagonist of the particular episode.

  • In The Emerald Bridge, he disassembles the titular bridge by stealing the emeralds after getting scared and is pressured to give it back.
  • I. Jealous Tea, a jealous Share Bear bribes him to destroy Grumpy's camp stove so the former can be the best baker in Care-a-Lot, which ends up being successful, despite Hayden trying to stop him. In the end, Beastly does get his promised baked goods, which he enjoys, while the Beasties find it disgusting.
  • He makes a cameo during the flashback sequences during the “Let’s Make a Rainbow” sequence in Night Bears.
  • In Show of Shyness, he tries to disrupt the “Harmony and Friends” show, but once Harmony loses her voice, he admits the reason for taking it over was to actually take part of it, and he teams up with Care Kid Phoebe to help out with the show instead.
  • In Compassion - NOT, he steals honey from several honeybees and accuses Grumpy of stealing them, but it backfires on him in the end and likely gets stung by them.
  • In When the Bear's Away, he invites a troublesome kid named Clem without the other Bear's permission, and the two go on a wild hayride, causing nothing but trouble.
  • In Sleuth of Bears, he accidentally scares himself and the other Care Bears when the Beasties disguise themselves as the Ghost of Benafare.
  • In Over Bearing, he encourages Peter to wake up Bedtime Bear, but soon abandons him.
  • He makes a small appearance in Shunshine, where he suggests to Funshine Bear to brag about his win at the Care-a-Lot Games, to which Funshine's ego ends up getting the better of himself.
  • In Feeling Flu, he gets affected with the feeling flu, with his personality being swapped with Wonderheart Bear.
  • Although he doesn’t appear in Bearied Treasure, a large aggressive monster similar to him and the Beasties appears.
  • In Holiday Hics, he is the cause of Tenderheart Bear's Great Giving Hiccups and does it because he believes he is the only one who doesn’t get a gift on Great Giving Day, although he soon finds out from the Great Giving Bear that he cares for him as well, even if he is quite mischievous.
  • He makes a cameo in Cheering You Grump, hiding under a fake Turtle shell that he jumps out of when Grumpy and Cheer are trying to find the Care-a-Lot Crystal.
  • In More Fun With Grumpy, Funshine tries to make him his playmate, but as usual, Beastly causes mischief.


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