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Kingdom of Caring is a US DVD containing six episodes of The Care Bears Family, and is the second DVD volume release from Artisan/Lions Gate. It was released on February 17, 2004.


What is there to care about? Find out when the Care Bears have fun with pirates, stars, robots, twins, giants, a swamp creature and more!


  • Lost at Sea - While playing pirates, Hugs and Tugs are lost at sea. Can the twins, Sally and Sarah, stop feuding long enough to save them?
  • The Sleeping Giant - The Care Bears find a grumpy sleeping giant and awaken him to a great big world of friends, adventure and caring.
  • The Big Star Round-Up - It's time for the Care Bear cowboys to round up all the little stars and help them get to the big wishing star, even if it means facing Beastly's booby traps.
  • The Camp Out - What's a camp-out without scary ghost stories? You'll see when the Care Bears meet a real-live, friendly swamp creature with a monster personality.
  • I, Robot Heart - Grumpy and Bright Heart Build a missing heart for a robot, but they soon realize, it's not how you build a heart - it's what you put inside it that counts.
  • the Bravest of the Brave - No Heart and Dr. Fright turn a carnival's make-believe spook house into a real one - but the Care Bears prove that feeling scared is nothing to be afraid about.