A Little Help/Tell Tale Tummys

A Little Help: Cheer and Harmony are scared.

Tell Tale Tummys: Harmony, True Heart, Cheer, and Share form a band named "the raviolis"

Tempus Flight/Surprise Day

Tempus Flight: Grumpy and Share lose power.

Surprise Day: Good Luck scares True Heart

Dare Bears/Battle Of The Bands

Dare Bears: Funshine puts Tenderheart in danger.

Battle Of The Bands: Harmony, Cheer, True Heart, Funshine, Share, Love a lot, and Tenderheart form a band named "the honey bears"

Share the Hero/Rainshine Meadows

Share the Hero: Share saves Harmony, Daydream, Champ, and Cheer.

Rainshine Meadows: Love a lot, Cheer, and Harmony play with Oopsy, Grumpy, and Funshine.

Bumbleberry Jammed/True Heart's Huge Trip

Bumbleberry Jammed: Harmony and Cheer host "The Harmony and Cheer Show"

True Heart's Huge Trip: Love a lot, Cheer, Harmony, Oopsy, Grumpy, and Funshine are all having a picnic.

King Of The Gobblebugs/True Heart Unplugged

King Of The Gobblebugs: Harmony and Cheer host "The Harmony and Cheer Show"

True Heart Unplugged: True Heart's singing talent was about to begin.

Gobblebugs/All You Need Is

Gobblebugs: Funshine was caught up in his sun jumps.

All You Need Is: Bedtime and Funshine fall.


Rudemate: Share was puking.

Broken: The Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins are holding up a celebration.