True Heart Unplugged/Surprise Day

True Heart Unplugged: as Cheer thinks that Harmony is gonna sing to the song, all that playing goes to True Heart's Head.

Surprise Day: Surprise Day has come, Good Luck scares True Heart.

Battle of the Bands/Dare Bears

Battle of the Bands: Harmony, Cheer, True Heart, Funshine, Share, Love a lot, and Tenderheart form a band in Millwaukee.

Dare Bears: Tenderheart and Funshine do dares.

Rudemate/Share the Hero

Rudemate: Mckena visits Love a lot and Tenderheart.

Share the Hero: Share saves Harmony, Champ, DayDream, and Cheer.

Gobblebugs/Whose friend is who

Gobblebugs: Cheer is so caught up in her rainbow jumps

Whose friend is who: Love-a-Lot, Cheer, and Harmony help Mckenna make a swing on a tree, Oopsy, Grumpy, and Funshine want to help too, but they won't let them. So they make a club where they aren't allowed.

Twinklet/Cheer There and Everywhere

Twinklet: the care bears celebrate Twinklet day.

Cheer There and Everywhere: Cheer has helped the other bears before the parade starts.

No Snow Day/Night Shift

No Snow Day: Bumpity and Tweazle make it snow and change the bears.

Night Shift: Bedtime helps the bears snooze out.

A Little Help/King Grumpy

A Little Help: Share helps out in the funfair.

King Grumpy: the care bears think Grumpy is taking advantage of Wingnut.

Bubbles/Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks

Bubbles: funshine gets bubbles all in his stomach.

Desperately Seeking Mr. Beaks: Grizzle loses Mr. Beaks.

TrueHeart's Big Trip/Share and Share Alike

TrueHeart's Big Trip: harmony teases TrueHeart.

Share snd Share Alike: the care bears float a lot.

Bloody Permission/A Flu

Bloody Permission: Share has to puke so bad

A Flu: Bedtime has a cold