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This page is the complete list of all known Care Bears and Care Bear Cousins. This list is split into Bears who have an Unlock the Magic design, Bears who don't have one, and the Care Bear Cousins.

Main Bears

Unlock the Magic Bears

Always There Bear UTM.png AmericaCaresBear.png Amigo.png Bedtime Portal.png Bestfriend.png
Always There Bear America Cares Bear Amigo Bear Bedtime Bear Best Friend Bear
Birthday Bear.png Champ Bear UTM.png Cheer Portal.png Christmaswishes.png Daydream.png
Birthday Bear Champ Bear Cheer Bear Christmas Wishes Bear Daydream Bear
Doyourbest.png FriendBearUTM.png Funshine Portal.png Good Luck Portal.png Grams Bear UTM.png
Do-Your-Best Bear Friend Bear Funshine Bear Good Luck Bear Grams Bear
Grumpy Portal.png Harmony Bear UTM.png HeartsongBear.png HopefulHeartBear.png Laugh-a-Lot Bear UTM.png
Grumpy Bear Harmony Bear Heartsong Bear Hopeful Heart Bear Laugh-a-Lot Bear
Love a lot bear unlock the magic style 2.png Secret Bear UTM.png Share Portal.png Smart Heart Bear UTM.png Superstar.png
Love-a-Lot Bear Secret Bear Share Bear Smart Heart Bear Superstar Bear
SweetDreamsBear.png Take Care Bear UTM.png Tenderheart Portal.png ThanksALot.png Togetherness Bear.png
Sweet Dreams Bear Take Care Bear Tenderheart Bear Thanks-a-Lot Bear Togetherness Bear
Trick-or-Sweet Bear UTM.png True Heart Bear UTM.png Unity Bear UTM.png Watchful Bear UTM.png Wish bear.png
Trick-or-Sweet Bear True Heart Bear Unity Bear Watchful Bear Wish Bear
Work of Heart Bear

Other Bears

AMHB.jpg Baby Hugs and Tugs CGI render.jpg Bashfulheart.gif Black Lives Matter Bear.jpg Bo official cropped.png
All My Heart Bear Baby Hugs and Baby Tugs Bashful Heart Bear Black Lives Matter Bear Bo the Take Care Bear
Forest Friend Bear.jpg Great Giving BEar.jpg Heart of Gold Bear Golden.jpg I Love You Bear Red Patch Version.jpg Idotg promo.jpg
Forest Friend Bear Great Giving Bear Heart of Gold Bear I Love You Bear International Day of the Girl Bears
MeBearInfobox.png Messybearinfobox.png Oopsy AICAL.png Perfect.gif Piece of Heart Bear.png
Me Bear Messy Bear Oopsy Bear Perfect Panda Piece of Heart Bear
PPB.jpg Play-a-Lot AIC.png Polite Panda.jpg Cropped precious heart.png Prizebearaltbrown.jpg
Pink Power Bear Play-a-Lot Bear Polite Panda Precious Heart Bear Prize Bear
Rainbow Heart Bear Render.png RecyclingBear.png Sea Friend.jpg Shine Bright AIC.png Shiver Me Timbears.jpg
Rainbow Heart Bear Recycling Bear Sea Friend Bear Shine Bright Bear Shiver Me Timbear
S-l1600.jpg SB.jpg Sweet Sakura.png Tooloudbearinfobox.png Truenorthbear.png
Sparkle Heart Bear Surprise Bear Sweet Sakura Bear Too Loud Bear True North Bear
Wonderheart CGI render.jpg
Wonderheart Bear

Care Bear Cousins

WTCBraveHeart.png BHR.png CHP.png Gentle Heart 2003.png
Brave Heart Lion Bright Heart Raccoon Cozy Heart Penguin Gentle Heart Lamb
LHE.png Be432dc98c462ca15aa1ee39531f31cb.jpg NBH.png Playful Heart 2003.png
Lotsa Heart Elephant Loyal Heart Dog Noble Heart Horse Playful Heart Monkey
Proud Heart 2003.png Swift Heart 2003.png Treat Heart Pig.png KoalaInfoboximg.jpg
Proud Heart Cat Swift Heart Rabbit Treat Heart Pig The Koala