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Love-a-Lot Bear believes in the power of love, but is not afraid to help it along. She’s a pretty and perky bear who loves everything about love and tries to make it grow wherever she goes. Love-a-Lot Bear loves her belly badge, too - two hearts together!
―Love-a-Lot Bear's Bio

Love-a-Lot Bear is one of the ten original Care Bears who first debuted as a character on American Greetings cards in 1982. Ever since, she has been a main character in nearly every incarnation of the franchise.



Love-a-Lot Bear has magenta pink fur and her Belly badge depicts two joined red and pink hearts. The red heart has a pink outline and the pink heart has a yellow outline.

In Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot, she has a short ponytail tied in a clip (with hearts) and a purple scarf.

As of Unlock the Magic, two faces are added onto the center of the intertwined hearts as her belly badge and her cheeks are heart-shaped.


Love-a-Lot is a kind bear that loves everything, and everyone. She has the propensity to use the word "love" itself in most of her speech. Love-a-Lot shares a similar personality with the rest of the bears. Her personality is fitting to her horoscope, which is Aquarius.


Art taken from the official Care Bears Instagram.


Love-a-Lot's special task is to help spread love (similar to Cupid). Like the other Care Bears, she can use the Care Bear Stare. She is one of the Care Bears who can also produce hearts in any kind of color and size by using her Belly Badge.


The Care Bears In The Land Without Feelings[]

Love-a-Lot Bear makes her animated debut in the very first Care Bears 1983 television special, The Care Bears in the Land Without Feelings.

The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine[]

The follow up special: The Care Bears Battle the Freeze Machine, Love-a-Lot is among the bears who must once again stop Coldheart and his new sidekick Frostbite from tricking a boy named Paul into helping him complete his "Careless Ray Contraption" that will freeze everyone's feelings.

The Care Bears Movie[]

Love-a-Lot Bear is afraid

Love-a-Lot in the first film.

In The Care Bears Movie, Love-a-Lot Bear appears as one of the bears who welcomes the children Kim and Jason to Care-a-Lot during the "Nobody Cares Like a Bear" song sequence. She is later part of the crew of the ship The Cloud Clipper as they travel through the Forest of Feelings looking for their lost friends. After re-uniting with their wayward comrades, and joining forces with the Care Bear Cousins, the group travels to Earth to combat the evil Spirit and seal her away for good.

Care Bears (DIC Series)[]

Love-a-Lot Bear thinking

Love-a-Lot in the DIC series.

Love-a-Lot Bear appears in the DIC series. She has a major role in the episode "The Cloud Worm" where she is the first character to find the worm itself. She sits down with her two legs spreaded out in order think about the thing to do to stop the worm itself on a cloud. She can also read fortunes in another episode called The Wheel of Misfortune.

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation[]

Love-a-Lot Bear in a cloud mobile and sunglasses

Love-a-Lot Bear in the Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation song Growing Up.

Baby Love-A-Lot Bear

Love-a-Lot as a cub, as seen in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation.

Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation tells the story of how the Care Bear Family, including Love-a-Lot first arrived in Care-a-Lot after they escaped capture by the evil Dark Heart. When the villain later propositions a girl named Christy into helping him finally capture his fuzzy prey once and for all, Love-a-Lot is among the few remaining members not to be imprisoned and must formulate a plan along with two children named John and Dawn to rescue their friends.

Care Bears Care About the Environment[]


Love-a-Lot's 1991 redesign, artwork and plush.

Around 1991, Love-a-Lot Bear and several other Care Bears received temporary redesigns in both artwork and plush form in order to bring about environmental awareness. Despite appearing in several books and even stickers, this new line was relatively short-lived due to a lack of popularity and low sales.

Love-a-Lot Bear's appearance for this series featured her with darker pink fur with a much more complex heart tummy symbol that depicted her typical two hearts with the addition of a rainbow and a field.

Journey to Joke-a-Lot and The Care Bears Big Wish Movie[]

Love-a-Lot Bear 2004

Love-a-Lot Bear, as she appears in The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie.

Love-a-Lot makes minor appearances in Care Bears: Journey to Joke-a-Lot and The Care Bears' Big Wish Movie.

Adventures in Care-a-Lot and the related movies[]

Love-a-Lot Bear with a lunchbox (2007's version)

Love-a-Lot Bear's Adventures in Care-a-Lot appearance.

In Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot, Love-a-Lot Bear is one of the supporting characters. In addition to being redesigned to appear youthful and slightly anime-like, her personal touch is a wavy ponytail held in place by heart-shaped barrettes, and has a purple scarf. Her belly badge also lacks the pink and yellow outlines.

She works in the Smart Heart Library, where the other Bears go if they have questions or if they need quiet time.

She is one of the main characters in Present and Accounted For, where Care-a-Lot is celebrating her birthday, and Cheer plans a big gift-basket surprise for Love-a-Lot, but when the gifts get stolen by UR-2 and Sergeant Rocketbottom, the two bears end up jumping to conclusions (Love-a-lot thinks Cheer forgot her birthday, Cheer thinks Love-a-lot didn't thank her for the present), and causing a big problem.

In this series, She punctuates everything with the word "love" or a variation of such.

Welcome to Care-a-Lot/Care Bears & Cousins[]


Love-a-Lot, as she appears in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

Love-a-Lot makes minor roles in Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot.

In this series, she was part of a Belly Badge Bouts team in competition with Cheer, Funshine, Grumpy, Harmony and Share, and was once a member of the team, "Bear-a-Lots".

In addition to reverting to her 2002 appearance, Love-a-lot's belly badge regains the pink and yellow outlines, and the hearts are slightly bigger and fatter.

In this incarnation, Love-a-lot speaks with a Cajun Louisiana accent.

Unlock the Magic[]


Love-a-Lot in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic.

In Care Bears: Unlock the Magic, Love-a-Lot is a minor character, being one of the few Bears to stay in Care-a-Lot on Caring Control.

She is the main character in the episode "Festival of Hearts", where she travels to the Silver Lining to send her magical gifts to the bears in the Silver Lining.

In this incarnation, Love-a-lot's fur is slightly darker and duller, and is redesigned to look more animesque. She has heart-shaped blush stickers, and her belly badge is radically redesigned; the hearts are now leaning apart from each other like in the 1980s, and have smiling faces on them.


Love-a-Lot Bear in a cloud mobile and sunglasses

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2002-2006: Love-a-lot Bear believes in the power of love, but is not afraid to help it along. She's a pretty and perky bear who loves everything about love and tries to make it grow wherever she goes. Love-a-lot Bear loves her tummy symbol too - two hearts!

2002 Website Profile:

Caring Mission: She helps spread love.
Symbol: Love-a-lot Bear's two intertwined hearts stand for the closeness and loyalty of true love.
Personality: Spunky and energetic.
Character Quirk: Like cupid's arrow, she can create a crush in no time. She can bring the most unlikely couples together.
Color: Magenta Pink.
Best Friend: Friend Bear
Relationship Challenge: She has a bit of a crush herself. On Tenderheart Bear!
Motto: Love will find a way, and if it doesn't, I will!

20th Anniversary: There's a lot of romance in Love-a-lot Bear's job - she brings lovers together. She's usually spunky and lighthearted, the embodiment of the spirit of first love. She's a true believer in the power of love but is not afraid to help it along. The two hearts intertwined on Love-a-lot's tummy reinforces this Bear's role as the promoter of romance.

2004 Cub: Like the cute and cuddly baby bear she is, Love-a-lot Cub loves to be doted on day and night. Consider it practice, however, for Love-a-lot Cub is still learning all about the love she'll soon be spreading wherever she goes. That's why her tummy symbol has two smiling hearts - one for you and one for her!

2007-2011: Love and happiness are in the air, thanks to a cutie called Love-a-lot Bear! She's a super little sweetheart who's all about love. She puts her heart into everything she does, especially bringing people together. Her belly badge, two pink hearts sitting side by side, shows this perfectly!

2020-present: Love-A-Lot Bear believes in the power of love, but is not afraid to help it along. She’s a pretty and perky bear who loves everything about love and tries to make it grow wherever she goes. Love-A-Lot Bear loves her belly badge, too - two hearts together!

The Bears Are Back in Town - The Ultimate Guidebook: Spunky and lighthearted, Love-a-Lot Bear takes it upon herself to help spread the message of love to others and to bring people together. She's in love with love and she doesn't care who knows it! This bubbly bear truly believes in the power of love and isn't afraid to trey and help it along, whether by using her heart crystal to make gifts for everyone or by giving advice to those in need.


  • She's best friends with Tenderheart Bear.
  • In some media the hearts in her symbol have no outlines. In other media, both hearts have yellow outlines.
  • In Welcome To Care-A-Lot, she shares a voice actor with Harmony Bear, both are voiced by Nayo Wallace.

In other languages:[]

  • Danish: Kærligbjørn ("Loving Bear")
  • Dutch: Knuffelbeertje ("Cuddle Bear")
  • French: Groschéri ("Great Darling")
  • French (Canadian): Cupinours (Cupid Bear)
  • German: Lieb-mich-Bärchi ("Love-Me-Bear")
  • Italian: Amororsa ("Love Bear")
  • Japanese: ラブアロットベア ("Love-a-Lot Bear")
  • Mandarin (Taiwan): 戀愛熊/Liàn'ài xióng ("Love-a-Lot Bear")
  • Norwegian (cartoon): Kjærestebamse ("Darling Bear")
  • Norwegian (comic): Nussebamse ("Kiss Bear")
  • Polish: Miś Miłości ("Love Bear")
  • Portuguese: Amorosa ("Loving")
  • Spanish (Latin America): Amorosita ("Love Bear")
  • Spanish (Spain): Amoroso ("Love Bear")
  • Swedish: Hjärtegod ("Heart Good")


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