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The Lunchback of Notre Dame from the comic series

The Lunchback of Notre Dame is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the issue fourteen story The Lunchback of Notre Dame. An ugly, irritable man who lives in the bell tower of Notre Dame in Paris, he became a villain after someone stole his lunch one day, causing him to become spiteful of anyone he sees carrying food.

Comic series[]

After noticing a crying girl in Paris, Tenderheart Bear, Friend Bear, and Wish Bear makes their way to the City of Lights to try and calm her down. Learning that her name is Marie, she tells them that she can't find her father who went missing around the Notre Dame cathedral, and the bears go inside to investigate. Soon, they are approached by the angry resident of the bell tower, who reveals that he kidnapped Marie's father after he saw him carrying a bagged lunch, thinking it may be the very same food that was stolen from him years ago.

Not listening to reason, the Lunchback begins to ring the bells around the bears to disorient them while he chases Marie through the tower. Traveling up the structure on balloons, the bears confront the hungry villain and zap him with a Care Bear Stare. Somewhat more composed, the Lunchback thinks back to when he last saw his missing meal, and finds his lost lunchbox on top of a nearby mantle, and apologizes to everyone for his actions. Care Bears Meet the Ninja Bread Man


  • He is clearly based on the character of the Hunchback of Notre Dame from the 1831 novel of the same name by Victor Hugo.
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