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The Magic Mirror is Shreeky's main magical item, serving as her weapon against the Care Bears


It is a horizontal oval-shaped hand mirror with a purple and pink back, purple decorations on it's handle and top part of the frame. Between the top frame decorations lies a deep red gem, which seems to be the main power source of the mirror similarly to the red gem on No Heart's amulet (when Shreeky uses her mirror, the lightning bolt like magical attack moves into the mirror from the gem before firing the attacks).

Shreeky uses the mirror to create pale purple lightning like bolts that "turn[s] good to bad", and mostly zap Beastly for her brusque entertainment. The mirror can also spy on Care Bears and humans that Shreeky desires to see.

In some episodes the mirror gets broken (like getting hit by a tree branch, getting thrown in to ground or simply being crushed by a bad landing in Beastly's pedal-copter), thus making it invalid to use magic. It is uncertain how Shreeky managed to get the mirror back in shape after it was destroyed, possibly by asking her Uncle No Heart .

Episode Appearances[]

Episodes where Shreeky's magic mirror gets broken[]