McKenna is a recurring character in Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot. She is voiced by Chantal Strand.


She has tan skin, brown hair with a pink streak which is tied in a ponytail, baby blue eyes, a short-sleeved pink jacket with a heart design, pastel blue shirt, pink skirt, purple fanny pack, purple leggings, and pink tennis shoes.

In her debut episode "Here Comes McKenna", she helped the bears and learned an important lesson on caring.

Her second appearance was in "Whose Friend is Who?". She is helping Harmony Bear, Cheer Bear, and Love-a-Lot Bear in "Rainshine Meadows". But after a dispute between the male bears and female bears, McKenna finds a way for the bears to work together.

She appeared in other episodes such as "No Snow Day", "All Give and No Take", "Rudemate", "Tour De Farce", and "Gone".

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