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Mr. Beaks is Grizzle's bird pet. Grizzle created him out of old robot parts. Grizzle often talks and responses to Mr. Beaks as though it is sentient.

Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot[]

Mr. Beaks can be seen in the first episode, and usually appears in episodes that Grizzle is in. Grizzle officially introduces Mr. Beaks to Wingnut in the episode King Grumpy. In Ice Creamed, Grizzle begins to argue with Mr. Beaks as the Care Bears wonder who he is talking to. In the episode Dare Bears, Grizzle assumes a basket of bumble-berries left by the Care Bears was actually a gift from Mr. Beaks. He then smashes Mr. Beaks so he doesn't have to share them. Grizzle was also seen playing checkers with Mr. Beaks in this episode, although Grizzle laments that they should of played tic-tact-toe instead. In Battle of the Bands, Grizzle is seen sleeping while snuggling with Mr. Beaks under his arm. Later in the episode, Grizzle tries to get Mr. Beaks to side with him while he's dressed up as a women, but Mr. Beaks claims he doesn't know Grizzle.


  • Mr. Beaks technically is not a villain, he is just a bird that was built by Grizzle out of old parts who can't do anything.
  • He appears to be poorly made, as he falls apart in various episodes, including King Grumpy and Dare Bears.
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