Music Video is the second part of the forty-sixth episode of The Care Bears Family. It is the final episode before the last 1980's Care Bears movie, Care Bears Nutcracker Suite.


Excitement runs high as the Care Bears attend a music concert with the singing minstrel.



  • This is the last 1 More episode featuring Shreeky and Beastly.
    • Additionally, this is one of the few times Shreeky is not purely antagonistic to the main cast.


  • Shreeky is about to kiss Songfellow Strum after landing in his arms, but accidentally kisses Beastly instead, he already knows and becomes surprised with Shreeky kissing him, but when Songfellow Strum mention that the 2 decided on making up, Beastly is seen kissing her too but are both found not realizing they're kissing each other as soon as they open their eyes looking at one and other, even though Beastly saw Shreeky kissing him at first.
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