Newbie is a villain whose only appearance was in the first half of the 4th episode of the Care Bears: Adventures in Care-a-Lot series, "Erased". As a robot built by Grizzle, he was designed with an "Eraser Ray" meant to erase the Belly badges of the bears in Care-a-Lot. However, the device didn't work as intended, and instead only amplified the negative personality traits of anyone it hit. Like his predecessor Wingnut, Newbie can only speak in inaudible bleeps and bloops.

In other languages:
German: Grünschnabel ("Newbie")

2000s series

Adventures in Care-a-Lot TV series

Newbie was created by Grizzle as a more reliable replacement to Wingut, and was armed with a new "Eraser Ray" intended to completely nullify the Belly Badge powers of any Care Bear it hit. After it's first use on Grumpy Bear, however, the device only seemed to turn the badge upside-down, which in turn intensified the negative side of each bear's personality. Because he had no badge of his own, Oopsy Bear remained the only one in town unaffected, and after making it past an aggressively cheerful Cheer Bear and super-surprising Surprise Bear, he and Wingnut are able to find the culprit.

It turns out Newbie was quite remorseful over what he had done, and offered to help the two set things straight. After gathering everyone together, Oopsy was able to convince all the bears in town to remember how much they care, reversing the effect of the ray and turning everything back to normal. Newbie was last seen running from an irate Grizzle after botching his best-laid plan. Erased


  • Despite being a robot and technically without gender, Grizzle still refers to Newbie as "he".
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