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Night Mayor

The Night Mayor from the comic series

The Night Mayor is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appeared in the issue ten story The Creepy Unsleepy Mystery. He is dressed in a fancy vest suit with a coat and at and acts as the night shift mayor of the town of Pleasant Valley. However, the fact that he is in charge when everyone is asleep makes him quite irritable.

Comic series[]

When a wave of insomnia hits Care-a-Lot, the bears notice they aren't the only ones having trouble snoozing, and see two children named Barbara and Gary who live in the town of Pleasant Valley on Earth experiencing a similar situation. Cheer Bear, Funshine Bear, and Bedtime Bear go to help, but despite their best efforts, are unable to help them get to sleep. Bedtime suddenly has a revelation when he notices that there is no sand on their faces, and guesses that something must be wrong with the Sandman himself.

Traveling to the Sandman's home, they find that he has fallen asleep by his own sand, and wake him up. Telling them that his special sleep aid was stolen, the group heads to the office of the Night Mayor, the night-shift leader of Pleasant Valley. He reveals that he was the one who stole the Sandman's sand to keep everyone awake so he would actually have people to listen to him while he worked, and summons his pet Drizzly Bear who summons a storm cloud to wash the bears away. After regrouping at Care-a-Lot, the group return with Wish Bear and Good Luck Bear, who help them create a giant umbrella to protect them from the rain while luring it back at the Mayor and his big bear accomplice. When the Sandman knocks them out with his re-acquired sand, the bears take the Mayor to their home where they show him that many people are still awake at night, working in all manner of jobs, and convince him that his shift is equally important to a day one. The Creepy Unsleepy Mystery


  • The Night Mayor's name is a pun, as it pronounced similiarly to "Nightmare".
  • He looks similar to Batman villain The Penguin, who has also been the mayor a few times.
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