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No Heart is the main antagonist of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family, where he fights the Care Bears together with his minion Beastly. He is a bad-tempered, ruthless, wise, evil, gloomy, powerful and dangerous wizard. No one knows when or where this wizard came from, but the very existence of fear and dark desire runs throughout his body.

He has a niece named Shreeky, whose shrieks are powerful enough to shatter anything in their path, and he has no control over it happening. He lives in his castle inside a storm cloud, and rarely ever leaves it.


Care Bears Family[]

No Heart’s face is never visible, since he is always wearing a hood, and he never takes it off on-camera. Only his eyebrows and red eyes (these sometimes emit a sinister reddish glow, mostly when No Heart is infuriated) are shown. He wears a purple hood, a dark-purple full-body cloak or robe with long red "suspenders". It is unknown what or if he wears anything under it. His arms and eyebrows are of an unnatural cyan coloration. Only in one episode, in that series with Shreeky, you can see he is wearing purple shoes, in a short scene.

Care Bears Comics[]

In the comics, No Heart looks different than in the TV series. Nearly all of the colors of his body and clothing are different, they even vary in different comics. He also wears thick glasses.


Hence his name, No Heart is heartless. He’s an evil sorcerer and shapeshifter who commands a lot of magic spells. His goal is to destroy both the Care Bears and all caring in the world from his home (since he rarely likes to go out), which rests atop a perpetual storm cloud. He wants to get rid of caring, and according to one episode, this is to make it easier for him to take over the world.

He’s almost always mad, grouchy or even very angry, an example of this is when Grumpy dared to stand in his way, and in Birthday Bear's Blues began wrecking the equipment of his cauldron room in a fury after his defeat at the hands of the Care Bears and their laughter.

He’s fairly dark and serious for a Care Bears character, as in Birthday Bear's Blues, he comments that he’ll be having "lamb-chops" after he‘s turned into a tiger in the maze and has located Gentle Heart Lamb, implying he planned to eat her.


  • Like any sorcerer, he can use magic.
    • No Heart specializes in transformation and shapeshifting as his most prominent magic spells.
    • In episode Grumpy's Three Wishes, his magic allows him to transform into several animals and even destroy a rainbow.
  • He also commands his dark Shadows, and it is implied that he may have created them, as he mentions it in one episode.


Throughout the animated series, No Heart has transformed himself into the following:

  • Bat
  • Bison
  • Ceratopsidae dinosaur
  • Crocodile
  • Doe (in comics)
  • Dragon
  • Eagle
  • Leopard
  • Lightning (when travelling)
  • Ram
  • Rhinoceros
  • Serpent
  • Spider
  • Tiger
  • Tornado (when travelling)
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex (prehistoric episodes only)
  • Vulture


No Heart is known to own the following equipment:


His life before the events in the television series is virtually unknown. However, it is implied that he's been terrorizing the Care Bears and the Care Bear Cousins for a long period of time, since he scared away the Pandas when they were cubs.

Care Bears Family[]

No Heart orders Beastly to capture a Care Bear so he can test his new gemstone amulet on it. Making off with Baby Hugs and Tugs, Beastly returns them to the castle only to have their childish antics grate his nerves to the point where he pleads the other bears to rescue them. While No Heart attempts to stop the interlopers, Tugs sneaks behind him and throws his gemstone into a pit as they make their escape. Care-a-Lot's Birthday

He was defeated in Care-A-Lot when only Grumpy Bear was around, only to be repelled by his recently acquired super-strength thanks to a wish on a magic clover. Grumpy's Three Wishes He later attempted to have Beastly become king of Care-a-Lot for a day by fixing an annual obstacle race, but, despite his rampant cheating, the lackey could only settle for second place. The Great Race

Proud Heart gets a present unknowingly from Beastly which floods the Care Bear Cousins woods. Home Sweet Homeless No Heart unleashes a demon to destroy the Care Bears as they drive a herd of helpless little stars to Big Star Point. The Big Star Round-Up Attempting to let someone else but Beastly do his work, No Heart had a short-lived team-up with Dr. Fright, who trapped some of the bears in his amusement park. Bravest of the Brave

Trying to pick the Bears off one by one, he later lured them into a hedge maze he corrupted with magical thorns. Birthday Bear's Blues Beastly uses No Heart's broken amulet to transform into several creatures and capture the Care Bears. The All Powerful Mr. Beastly When attempting to make up a massive spell that would summon a "Cloud of Uncaring" to cover the world, he failed again, but was the closest he's ever been to defeat the Care Bears. The Cloud of Uncaring

No Heart would get a new house guest in the form of his niece Shreeky, who helps her uncle with his plans to destroy the Care Bears. The Wrath of Shreeky Shreeky attempts to use a wrong-gone experiment (thanks to Beastly), to devour all of Care-a-Lot until it is stopped by Bright Heart Raccoon. The Cloud Monster He sends Un-Caring Bubbles to a town, even transforming Beastly into a more evil version of himself in the process, but the whole plan goes wrong when Beastly's attempts to destroy the only thing capable of stopping the bubbles, the Caring Crystals, ends up making him a good guy and helping the Care Bears. The Caring Crystals

After taking all the blame for messing up one of No Heart's spells, the sorcerer disowned Beastly at one point but ended up wanting him back after Shreeky cloned herself to take over his chores. Grin and Bear It The villain would make yet another attempt on an unguarded Care-a-Lot when Champ Bear abandons his patrol duties at the Caring Meter, covering the town in uncaring smoke. The Factory of Uncaring He makes another attempt at fogging up the town and sending Shreeky and Beastly to destroy the beacon at the top of the town's tower, but is stopped by a group of bears while Cheer Bear and Treat Heart Pig take care of his flunkies. The Turnabout


No heart cover asdf

No Heart: looking weird in the comics

No Heart makes several appearances in Star Comics' Care Bears comic book series, where he tries to make the Care Bears look bad, replacing three of them with evil-minded knock-offs.

There are also several other stories, one featuring another 80's toyline: The Madballs.

Unlock the Magic[]

No Heart made his grand return after almost 35 years in the Care Bears: Unlock the Magic special "The No Heart Games", as the main antagonist, alongside Beastly.

Compared to The Care Bears Family, No Heart's characteristics have been toned down significantly.


  • In the episode "The Long Lost Care Bears", it is said that Perfect and Polite Panda ran away from Care-a-Lot as cubs because they were frightened of No Heart. This shows he may actually be one of the oldest Care Bear villains.
  • The late Chris Wiggins, the actor who voiced No Heart, also voiced The Great Wishing Star in Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation, and Rumble in Care Bears Nutcracker Suite.
  • At the end of the episode "The All Powerful Mr. Beastly", No Heart gets a new amulet, which suggests that he buys them somewhere.
  • Some fans think he is the main antagonist of the series, with Beastly as the secondary antagonist. But he is a Greater-Scope Villain and the series' Big Bad, making Beastly the main antagonist of the series and his Dragon. He is more dangerous and antagonistic than Beastly.
  • In the Nelvana cartoon series, No Heart's Tyrannosaurus rex form, which is exclusive to the prehistoric-themed episodes, is the only one which seems to be irreversible or permanent, since he never de-transforms back from it. It's also the only form which truly scares the Bears (notably Brave Heart Lion), since their Belly Badges apparently have no powers to fight evil in such episodes.
  • In episodes set in outer space, he is called Lord No Heart (as a reference to Darth Vader) and his hood is replaced by a helmet.
  • No Heart seems to have a similar resemblance and a set of skills to Nightmare from Kirby. Reason for that is due to him owing a purple cloak similar to Nightmare's and he travels around in a tornado form while Nightmare's body is mostly a tornado.
  • No Heart also has similar powers like Dark Heart, who is a villain from the Care Bears a New Generation.

Name in other languages[]

  • Croatian: Ledeni ("Icy") 
  • Finnish: Noita Sydämetön ("Witch Heartless")
  • French: Cœur Dur ("Hard Heart")
  • French (Canada): Sans Coeur ("Without Heart")
  • German: Meister Herzlos ("Master Heartless")
  • Polish: Bezduszny ("Without Soul")
  • Portuguese (Brazil): Coração Gelado ("Icy Heart")
  • Portuguese (Portugal): Coração Gélido ("Cold Heart")
  • Spanish: Sin Corazón ("Without Heart")
  • Swedish: Hjärtlös ("Heartless")


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