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You almost destroyed my kingdom, Beastly!
No Heart scolding Beastly after his fountain nearly drained all the water from his Storm Cloud causing it to disappear.[src]

No Heart's Castle, alternatively titled Castle No Heart or The Castle of No Heart is the castle in which No Heart lives.

It is cohabited by Shreeky, Beastly, and the Shadows.


The location of the castle is revealed in episode The Big Star Round-Up to be in the general area of Gloomy Gulch Trail. It is a castle on a storm cloud. It is made up of eerie-looking towers, some branching out from the main building. There is almost always lightning flashing around it, and it is very dark and usually purple in color, but also can be pink, orange, green, blue and other colors. In the episodes of the second season it was lit up a lot, color wise. It is guarded some shadows. It has dark tall pointy spires, and a long staired pathway leading up to the main building.

000 No Heart tower

Beastly dangling from the throne room.

Many parts of the castle appear to be in ruins, as there are jagged, broken walls, and holes in the floors of some rooms. No Heart's throne room looks particularly ruined. None of the stairs have guard rails, and some staircases spiral around the outside of tall towers. Exactly, that has been demonstrated by Beastly that the castle can be quite hazardous.





  • It resembles Maleficent's castle from Sleeping Beauty