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Oopsy Bear is a green Care Bear who was first introduced as the titular character of the 2007 computer-animated film Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!. He has since appeared alongside the other bears in the toyline and as one of the main characters of the 2007-2008 television series Adventures in Care-a-Lot.



Unlike all Care Bears, he is the only bear without a Belly badge and without a special power of his own, but he will often draw a yellow shooting star on his stomach with a marker. His fur is bright green.


Klutzy and accident-prone, Oopsy is constantly making mistakes, or "oopsies" ("glitches" in the Hebrew dub), which continually affect himself and others. Not only that, but he is the only bear in Care-a-Lot to lack a Belly Badge, meaning he has no extraordinary abilities to speak of. While at first, it may seem like poor Oopsy is doomed to spend his life in second place, his true potential begins to shine through as he overcomes his own disabilities, often putting forth more effort and dedication to solving problems as they arise. His unique and practical approaches have saved the day multiple times, especially in situations when the other bear's powers have been nullified in some way. He is often seen palling around with his robot friend Wingnut.


Oopsy Does It![]

Oopsy is the titular character in the first 2007-era movie.

Throughout the movie, he and the other Bears are building WooHoo World, with Oopsy's job is painting the tracks of the Funderbolt ride, however, when he slips into the paint and ruins part of the park, the other Bears and especially Grumpy don't want him to help out in case of his Oopsies cause any more problems.

Oopsy then befriends Wingnut, Grizzle's companion and the villain allows Oopsy to help him out with a new ride which in reality, is another one of Grizzle's plans to conquer Care-a-Lot. Oopsy eventually grabs a cloud and a sunshine as what Grizzle wanted, but wants a real rainbow, which only Cheer Bear can use. After a while, Grizzle reveals his plans to destroy all the Belly Badges and locks up the two Bears.

Eventually, Grizzle's plan succeeds when he traps all the belly badges in a crystal ball, but fails to try and conquer Care-a-Lot, to which Oopsy says that the magic won't work that way. Grizzle instead just decides to simply get rid of the belly badges by destroying the ball using the Funderbolt, which makes Oopsy realise how much Care Bears really care, and asks every Bear to hold their hands, and the magic returns.

After this, Wingnut turns against Grizzle and sends him away back to his lair, while becoming Oopsy's new best friend. When WooHoo World does open the following day, Grumpy notices the thing the Funderbolt is missing - The Oopsy Loopsy. Oopsy and Wingnut end up becoming the first riders of the newly-designed ride.

Adventures in Care-a-Lot[]

To the Rescue[]

The Giving Festival[]

In this Direct-to-Video movie, Oopsy stays on ground while Funshine, Cheer, Share, Grumpy and Bedtime go on a Care Power Mission. In this movie, he is the main focus of a subplot involving True Heart Bear.

He and True Heart at one point surprise the Care Power Team with a trip to WooHoo World. When the other Bears arrive to ride on the Funderbolt Roller Coaster, she stands far away from it. Oopsy tries to get her to join, but True Heart runs off crying. He and Wingnut find her behind a bush, admitting to the two that she's scared of the Thunder Bolt and didn't want to feel embarrassed on being left out. Oopsy and Wingnut do so by letting True Heart ride on the Big Wheel. When it seems like she is scared of that when Oopsy accidently sets the wheel onto the fastest setting and can't lift the leaver, True Heart actually finds it a lot of fun.

The next day, Oopsy joins True Heart on the Funderbolt to properly overcome her fears. However, when the Caring Tower alarm goes off, the two find out that a cave has collapsed, and so they decide to use Grumpy's Bumbleberry Delivery System as a drill and the Fundervolt to head to the area where the other Bears are trapped. It's successful in saving the other Bears (abit breaking on them, to which Grumpy isn't thrilled with Oopsy about).

Afterwards, it's revealed that Oopsy was on the coaster at least 20 times and is all dizzy and tired of it, while True Heart isn't. Oopsy then joins Cheer, Share, Funshine and Grumpy to prepare for the rest of the event. At the end of the movie, he is seen riding on a train.

Share Bear Shines[]



  • 2007-2010: Oopsy Bear is eager - eager to please, eager to help, and eager to get his own belly badge. So eager that he often draws one on his belly himself! Too bad he's always clumsy and bumbling... and always saying "Oopsie!" But make no mistake - Oopsy is 100% Care Bear at heart.
  • HeadStart UTM Products: Oopsy Bear is clumsy which continually affects himself and others. But Oopsy, using all the caring in his heart of gold, gets in touch with his inner oops! And stumbles to the rescue of his friends. While at first, it may seem like poor Oopsy is doomed to spend his life in second place, his true potentional begins to shine through as he overcomes his own disabilities, often putting forth more effort and dedication to solving problems as they arise.


  • Some plush toys of Oopsy have the Care Bears logo as his belly badge as he draws it on to his belly in the intro for Adventures In Care-A-Lot.
  • Despite not having a belly badge, Oopsy was able to do the Care Bear Stare with the other bears in "Re-Booted".
  • Although he has not appeared in Care Bears: Unlock the Magic or any of its related media yet, a "Care Bears Affirmations" TikTok filter uses a UTM-styled design of him and he has plush releases.

In Various Languages[]

French Toufou ("All Crazy")
German: Uupsibärchi ("Oopsy Bear")
Hebrew: דובי גליץ ("Glitch Bear")
Japanese: ウープシーベア (Ūpushī Bea)
Mandarin: 笨拙熊/Bènzhuō xióng ("Clumsy Bear")
Portuguese (Brazil): Ursinho Trapalhão
Spanish: Revoltosito ("Disorderly Bear")

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