Play-a-Lot Bear is a Care Bear who was first introduced as a plush toy during the the 2002-2006 franchise re-launch toyline. He has light blue fur and his Belly badge is a violet bouncing ball with a red heart stamp followed by a rainbow trail.

While most Care Bears probably wouldn't pass up the opportunity to have some fun or join in a game, Play-a-Lot takes his leisure activities to a whole other level. Though not as competitive as some of his other physically-inclined compatriots, he's more interested in just having a good time and spreading the joy of camaraderie to others. If all work and no play make someone a dull bear, this guy'll never be stuck in the doldrums.

In other languages:
Japanese: プレイアロットベア
Spanish: Juegosito ("Game Bear")

2000s series

2002-2006 toyline

Play-a-Lot made his debut during the Care Bears franchise relaunch in the early-to-mid 2000s, and has since appeared in several different toy varieties, including a 13" cuddly plush, an 8" plush with baseball cap, and a limited edition 12" blueberry-scented plush packaged with a Care Bears Family episode DVD.


Adventures in Care-a-Lot

Though he did not appear in the animated series itself, Play-a-Lot did receive a redesign similar to the characters in the Adventures in Care-a-Lot cartoon, and was included in its corresponding toyline. This version appears nearly identical to his original design, but with a slightly modified Belly Badge that changes the shape of the rainbow trail to a heart and makes it plain red instead of multicolored. This version was made available as an 8" beanie plush


2006: Which Care Bear is the perfect playmate? Play-a-lot Bear! He's always ready to come out and play. This energetic bundle of playfulness is all about helping us keep a little "recess" in our day. Play-a-lot makes a life a ball, that's shown on his symbol - a bouncing playground ball.

2007-2011: It's easy to figure out what Play-a-lot Bear's favorite thing is! Playing all day long is what he was born to do! Rain or shine, he always finds fun! Even his bouncing ball with a rainbow-trailed heart!


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