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Play Day is a V smile Baby game of Care Bears Adventures in Care a lot which was released in 2008.


Play Day Celebration - The player can listen to six songs: Together Is Better, Big Smiles, Share To Care, Caring Is Helping, Jump Up And Cheer, and Play Day.

Feelings Faces - Grumpy Bear is hungry while waiting for Share Bear, but becomes grumpy when she comes. However, Grumpy Bear becomes happy when Share Bear gives him an ice cream, but Grumpy Bear drops his ice cream and becomes sad, so Share Bear gives him a heart and he becomes full of love.

Counting Hopscotch - Share Bear jumps to the number square that the stone lands on. It starts with Share Bear, but then Cheer Bear joins in, then comes Grumpy Bear, then Oopsy Bear, and finally Funshine Bear.

Alphabet in the Park - Oopsy Bear finds 26 things that start with each letter of the alphabet: ant, ball, Cheer Bear, drum, egg, Funshine Bear, Grumpy Bear, heart, ice cream, jump rope, kite, leaf, mouse, nut, Oopsy Bear, pail, quilt, rainbow, Share Bear, tree, umbrella, violin, wagon, xylophone, yo-yo, and zero.

Rainbow Slide - Cheer Bear goes down the rainbow slide to discover a yellow balloon, a blue carousel, an orange juice, a green bumper car, and a red cotton candy.

Song Lyrics[]

Together is Better[]

Funshine Bear: It’s a play day celebration.

Singing and dancing, so much fun!

It’s been great, working together.

Together is Better!

Big Smiles[]

Grumpy Bear: Happy, sad, and hungry too.

Show your feelings when you want to.

I’ll be blue just for a while, then I smile!

Share to Care[]

Share Bear: Counting numbers is so much fun.

We had some hops to share.

Thanks for counting with me today.

Share to show you care!

Caring is Helping[]

Oopsy Bear: A, B, C, Thanks for helping me.

Caring is helping a friend in need!

Jump Up & Cheer[]

Cheer Bear: Jump up and cheer.

A sunny day is here.

The Rainbow’s bright, What a delight.

Jump up and cheer!

Play Day (Opening)[]

Come with us to Care-a-lot park.

We’re having a play day!

We’ll explore.

We’ll learn more.

Fun’s in store.

A play day celebration!


  • Each of the songs is sung to a tune of a kids' song.
    • Together Is Better is sung in the tune of Skip To My Lou.
    • Big Smiles is sung in the tune of London Bridge Is Falling Down.
    • Share To Care is sung in the tune of Pop Goes The Weasel.
    • Caring Is Helping is sung in the tune of The Alphabet Song.
    • Jump Up And Cheer is sung in the tune of The Farmer In The Dell.
    • Play Day is sung in the tune of Bingo.