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The Rainbow Rescue Beam is a teleportation device invented by Grumpy Bear in The Care Bears Movie that would easily and quickly get bears down to Earth.


The Rainbow Rescue Beam, like most objects in Care-a-Lot, is made of clouds. It has a control panel with buttons that come in various shapes (such as clovers, moons, and stars) and a heart-shaped screen. Beside the console, the actual teleportation platform is a golden, heart-shaped arch with a crystal on top.


The Care Bears Movie[]

The Rainbow Rescue Beam is first seen being completed by Grumpy Bear. In theory, it is supposed to be able to get bears down to Earth, but the machine goes haywire when Baby Hugs and Tugs start playing with all of the buttons. This causes the beam to bring Kim and Jason, the main characters of the movie, to Care-a-Lot.

After trying to send the two back to Earth, the rainbow rescue beam again falters, sending the two, along with Friend Bear and Secret Bear, to discover the then-unknown Forest of Feelings. Good Luck Bear helps Grumpy Bear fix this machine with some luck and accidentally Baby Hugs' lollipop.