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The Rat King is the secondary antagonist of the Care Bears Family television special Care Bears Nutcracker Suite, and is based on the character of the Mouse King from Tchaikovsky's ballet. The constant lackey of the evil Vizier, Shreeky and Beastly, he is a short, gray-furred humanoid rat with a gold crown and red puffy shirt, and is often seen commanding his own group of equally vicious vermin including Gummy and Rumble.

Determined to make sure his master becomes king of Toyland, the Rat King leads his squad across the kingdom forcing all toys to look for the magic ring that insure his place on the throne. When the Prince escapes to the real world and gains allies in the form of the Care Bears, it's up to the royal rodent and his men to stop them from reaching the castle and setting things right.


  • He is almost identical in posture, voice, role, and cackle to Beastly. This is partly due to the fact both characters are voiced by the same actor, John Stocker.

In other languages:[]

  • Spanish: Rey Rata ("Rat King")
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