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Rebecca is a supporting character who appeared in the 21st episode of Nelvana's The Care Bears Family, "Hearts at Sea". She is the subject of a story told by Grams Bear to Baby Hugs and Tugs that takes place at sea. Her dream is to be captain of a ship one day, must first confront the gender barriers of her time.

Original series[]

Care Bears Family TV series[]

When Baby Tugs won't let Hugs ride his skateboard because it's a "boy thing", Grams tells them the story of a girl who proved that she was just as capable as any man in performing her duties. As a cabin girl on a ship run by Captain Brave Heart, her dream is to one day be captain of her own vessel. However, Brave Heart's chauvinism keeps him from taking her seriously, even after she proves that she can navigate, tie knots, and mend sails even better than he can. Despite first mate Bright Heart's support, she remains despondent that her goal is just too far out of reach.

When Shreeky "Queen of the Pirates", and Mr. Beastly spot Brave Heart's ship, they decide to fake being in trouble to lure them close and ransack them. After capturing Brave Heart and Bright Heart, the dastardly duo plan to make them walk the plank until Rebecca helps them. After running the invaders off and steering the ship out of a whirlpool, the girl finally proves herself to the stubborn captain, who believes she will make a fine one herself someday. Hearts at Sea

Physical appearance[]

Rebecca is a young girl with fair skin, light brown hair, blue eyes, and a slender build. She wears a dark green dress with short puffy sleeves, and pink decal, a pink headband, matching bow behind her back, pink stockings and dark pink flat shoes.


Rebecca is a sweet, caring and kind girl. She shows great knowledge on navigating where the ship is going. She also displays bravery when Shreeky and Beastly board the ship and she was shown fending Shreeky with a mop, and later destroys her magic mirror, and when she steers the ship out of the whirlpool.


Navigation: Rebecca displays great navigational knowledge to Bright Heart when she shows him her grandfather's map collection.

Strength: Despite being a young girl, Rebecca shows great strength when she helps Bright Heart pull Brave Heart aboard the ship twice.

Athletics: Rebecca shows amazing athletic skills such as climbing, tying double hitch knots, rope swinging and excellent fighting skills when she fights Shreeky with a mop.

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