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Sand Witch

The Sand Witch from the comic series

The Sand Witch is a villain from the Care Bears Comic book series who appears in the issue eighteen story The Sand Witch. As her name suggests, she is a witch clad in traditional blue and black robes with a pointed hat and flies on a broom stick. Less considered with general witchery and magic and more about stealing people's sandwiches, she is a general menace to beach-goers everywhere.

Comic series[]

While flying over a beach in their Cloudmobile, Tenderheart Bear, Friend Bear, and Bedtime Bear hear the sound of distressed children and decide to have a look. When they notice that a witch has flown by and snatched their sandwiches, they try to offer some of their own to the kids instead, which get quickly grabbed up as well. Firing at her with a Care Bear Stare, the broomstick bandit merely creates a mount of sand to block the beam, which transforms it into a wall of glass.

The trio decide to go after her to her home in a sand castle on a nearby island, but find the air is filled with angry flying fish. Seeing no other option, they dive underwater and are able to fend off a shark attack with another Care Bear Stare before enlisting the aid of some friendly seahorses to take them to the island. Once they finally arrive, they confront the witch yet again, but this time Bedtime has a plan. Firing another Care Bear Stare in her direction, she naturally creates more sand barriers to protect her. However, this time she makes three instead of one, and ends up getting trapped in a glass pyramid when the beams hit.

Revealing to the bears that she only stole the sandwiches because she needed for the annual Witches' Convention, the bears decide to take her to Care-a-Lot where they work together to make enough food to feed everyone. The Sand Witch


  • Her general appearance is very similar to another witchy Care Bears comic villain, the Green-Eyed Monster.
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