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The Scare Bear is a villain from the Care Bears comic book series who appeared in the 4th issue story "The Scare Bear". Though he appears to be a large white feral bear, it is actually just a costume worn by a man named Mr. Veririch, which he uses to scare people away from his mansion.

Comic series[]

While spreading good luck and cheer across the Earth, Good Luck Bear comes upon a dilapidated old mansion where someone is yelling about "trouble". Diving down the chimney, he finds two children, Jonah and Samantha who are indeed looking for trouble. That is, Trouble the kitten. However, they are not alone in this miserable place, and are in fact being stalked by a ferocious bear who seems to live there.

By burning some old newspapers in the fireplace, Good Luck uses smoke signals to call for help, and gets Tenderheart Bear, Birthday Bear, and Funshine Bear. Breaking their rainbow slide, the bears opt to try the front door, which the Scare Bear has now barricaded with boards. Meanwhile, Jonah and Samantha stumble upon an old cellar filled with unopened presents as the mystery deepens. When breaking down the door with a Care Bear Stare, the beam blows straight through and hits their ursine attacker, who becomes disoriented. Scare Bear reveals himself as Mr. Veririch, a wealthy man who tried to throw a birthday party many years ago that no one came to, so he became a villain out of spite. When the kids tell him they found his basement full of party supplies, he realizes that he never sent out any invitations to begin with. The bears decided to throw a (very belated) party instead, which brightens Veririch's mood. The Scare Bear

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