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Share and Share Alike is a British DVD containing six episodes from Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot.


Welcome to Care-a-lot, the Care Bears' home in the clouds. Whether it's adopting a lost baby star, looking after Grumpy when he hurts his foot or cleaning up Rainshine Meadows, the Care Bears discover the true meaning of helping others. Get ready to journey into Care-a-lot for more charming Care Bear adventures.

This release features six new Care Bear episodes:


  1. Share and Share Alike
  2. All You Need Is...
  3. Gobblebugs
  4. Grizzle-ized
  5. Flower Power
  6. Battle of the Bands



  1. The cover art uses artwork from Care Bears: Oopsy Does It!.
  2. Battle of the Bands is called Battle of the Band.
  3. The description makes mention of episodes that aren't on this DVD, such as King Grumpy.
  4. The pre-release cover features artwork from the show itself rather than CGI artwork.