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Sharing Secrets Share Bear (Known in French as Sharing Secrets Égalours and in the UK as Secret Whispers Share Bear) is a toy produced in 2004 by Play Along in the United States and Canada, and Vivid Imaginations in the United Kingdom.


Sharing Secrets Share Bear is a plush toy that functions differently to most. Normally they are activated by pressing a button in the toy, while this one instead functions via a necklace. The necklace has a star on the middle containing a magnet inside which allows the toy to talk when it faces the nose. When it is turned on, a chime sound plays and when the toy faces the necklace (or any strong magnet), the toy says one of eight lines:

  • "Sharing is caring."
  • "Can you keep a secret? I can."
  • "Thanks for sharing your secret with me."
  • "My secret wish is for a great big hug."
  • "Sharing secrets with you is fun."
  • "I love to hear your secret wishes."
  • "Everyone has a secret wish. What's yours?"
  • "You're my Best Friend."


The US/Canadian version of the plush is smaller and runs on 2 AA-batteries. The UK version is more of the size of a standard 13-inch plush, and runs on 3 AA-batteries.