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Show of Shyness is the second episode of Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot. In this episode, Harmony Bear loses her voice before a Care Bears talent show, as Phoebe must convince the local villains to stop sabotaging the show.


The episode starts with the Care Bears preparing the "Harmony and Friends" show, and worry that King Beastly will sabotage the show, as no one as invited him because he sabotaged the show the previous year. Meanwhile, Beastly, intending to sabotage the show, watches the Care Bears. 

Phoebe arrives and is immediately told to practice her role, but Phoebe admits she doesn't actually want to be part of the show. Harmony is shocked and almost faints. The Care Bears take their places: Grumpy is the stage manager, Cheer does a cheer, Harmony sings her song "Let's Make a Rainbow", Share conducts birds, who perform classical music, Funshine practices his skateboarding act, and Wonderheart practices her act: doing ballet and reciting poetry.

After a lot of hard work, Harmony loses her voice, and Beastly is immediately accused of hurting it. Beastly runs off, and Cheer then reads the notice on the product Harmony used to pitch her voice, which says that a too big amount of product could cause the loss of the voice, which proves Beastly's innocence. Cheer then tells Phoebe to go to Beastly's cave.

Phoebe arrives at Beastly's cave while he is angry of having been wrongfully accused of hurting Harmony's voice. When Phoebe talks to him, he insists he didn't hurt Harmony's voice, to which Phoebe responds by telling him they had realised this. Beastly then admits the reason why he sabotages the show every year is because he wants to be a part of it. Phoebe suggests he plays the drums, and Beastly accepts.

The concert is a success despite Harmony having not regained her voice. The episode ends with Phoebe's departure from Care-a-Lot.



  • In the first Bear crowd shot, there are 11 Bears, but in the last, there are 10.
  • In two of the crowd shots, two Good Luck Bears can be seen.[1]


  • In Production Order, this is the fourth episode of the series.


  • "Make a Rainbow"